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A wooden podium with a desk and chairs in front of it
The inside of the chamber of the West Virginia House of Delegates

The West Virginia House of Delegates is the lower house of the West Virginia Legislature. Only three states--Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia--refer to their lower house as the House of Delegates.



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Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
End of previous legislature 72 28 100 0
Begin 69 31 100 0
Latest voting share 69% 31%

The House is composed of 100 members elected for two year terms.

The House of Delegates' districting system divides the state into 58 districts that elect a varying number of members. The majority of districts, 35, are single-member districts. 23 districts are multi-member constituencies, varying from two to seven (the 30th District in Kanawha County) delegates.

Some have claimed that districts are gerrymandered in such a way as to preserve the status quo. Republicans have called for 100 single-member districts, with the districts representing compact areas of common interests.


The Speaker of the House is selected by its members. In contrast to the tradition of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, the Speaker must vote unless excused. The House rules state that in some cases, he or she is not required to vote unless the House is equally divided, or unless his vote, if given to the minority, will make the division equal. In the latter case, the question is lost.

As of the 2nd Session of the 79th Legislature, Richard Thompson serves as Speaker of the House, a position he has held since January 2007 (78th Legislature). He is the 55th Speaker of the House of Delegates succeeding Robert S. Kiss (D-Raleigh Co.).

House of Delegates Leadership

Position Name Party District County
Speaker of the House Richard Thompson Democratic 17 Wayne Co.
Speaker pro tempore Ron Fragale Democratic 41 Harrison Co.
Majority Leader Brent Boggs Democratic 34 Braxton Co.
Minority Leader Tim Armstead Republican 32 Kanawha Co.
Majority Whip Mike Caputo Democratic 43 Marion Co.
Minority Whip Larry Border Republican 9 Wood Co.

Members of the 79th West Virginia House of Delegates

District Representative Party County of Residence
1 Pat McGeehan Rep Hancock
Randy Swartzmiller Dem Hancock
2 Timothy Ennis Dem Brooke
Roy E. Givens Dem
3 Tal Hutchins Dem Ohio
Orphy Klempa Dem
4 Michael T. Ferro Dem Marshall
Scott Varner Dem
5 Dave Pethtel Dem Wetzel
6 Wm. Roger Romine Rep Tyler
7 Lynwood "Woody" Ireland Rep Ritchie
8 William Anderson Rep Wood
9 Larry Border Rep
10 Tom Azinger Rep
John N. Ellem Rep
Daniel Poling Dem Wood
11 Bob Ashley Rep Roane
12 Mitch B. Carmichael Rep Jackson
13 Dale Martin Dem Putnam
Brady Paxton Dem
14 Troy Andes Rep Putnam
Patti Eagloski Schoen Rep
15 Kevin J. Craig Dem Cabell
Carol Miller Rep Cabell
Jim Morgan Dem Cabell
16 Doug Reynolds Dem
Kelli Sobonya Rep Cabell
Dale Stephens Dem Cabell
17 Richard Thompson Dem Wayne
Don Perdue Dem
18 Larry W. Barker Dem Boone
19 Greg Butcher Dem Logan
Jeff Eldridge Dem Lincoln
Ralph Rodighiero Dem Logan
Josh Stowers Dem Lincoln
20 K. Steven Kominar Dem Mingo
21 Harry Keith White Dem
22 Daniel J. Hall Dem Wyoming
Linda Goode Phillips Dem
23 Clif Moore Dem McDowell
24 John H. Shott Rep Mercer
25 John R. Frazier Dem Mercer
T. Mike Porter Rep Mercer
26 Gerald L. Crosier Dem Monroe
27 Virginia Mahan Dem Summers
Rick Moye Dem Raleigh
Linda Sumner Rep Raleigh
Sally Susman Dem Raleigh
William R. "Bill" Wooten Dem
28 Thomas W. Campbell Dem Greenbrier
Ray Canterbury Rep Greenbrier
29 Tom Louisos Dem Fayette
David Perry Dem
Margaret Anne Staggers Dem
30 Bonnie Brown Dem Kanawha
Nancy Peoples Guthrie Dem
Barbara Hatfield Dem
Mark Hunt Dem
Doug Skaff, Jr. Dem
Sharon Spencer Dem
Danny Wells Dem
31 Meshea Poore[1] Dem
32 Tim Armstead Rep Kanawha
Patrick Lane Rep
Ron Walters Rep
33 David Walker Dem Clay
34 Brent Boggs Dem Braxton
35 Sam J. Argento Dem Nicholas
36 Joe Talbott Dem Webster
37 Bill Hartman Dem Randolph
Mike Ross[2] Dem
38 Peggy Donaldson Smith Dem Lewis
39 Bill Hamilton Rep Upshur
40 Mary M. Poling Dem Barbour
41 Samuel J. "Sam" Cann Dem Harrison
Ron Fragale Dem
Richard J. Iaquinta Dem
Tim Miley Dem
42 Mike Manypenny Dem Taylor
43 Mike Caputo Dem Marion
Linda Longstreth Dem
Tim Manchin Dem
44 Robert "Bob" Beach Dem Monongalia
Barbara Evans Fleischauer Dem
Charlene Marshall Dem
Alex J. Shook Dem
45 Larry A. Williams Dem Preston
46 Stan Shaver Dem
47 Harold Michael Dem Hardy
48 Allen R. Evans Rep Grant
49 Robert A. Schadler Rep Mineral
50 Ruth Rowan Rep Hampshire
51 Daryl E. Cowles Rep Morgan
52 Craig P. Blair Rep Berkeley
53 Jonathan Miller Rep
54 Walter E. Duke Rep
55 John Overington Rep
56 Bob Tabb Dem Jefferson
57 John Doyle Dem
58 Tiffany Lawrence Dem
  1. ^ appointed Dec. 18, 2009 to fill vacancy caused by the resignation of Delegate Carrie Webster who resigned Dec. 4, 2009
  2. ^ appointed Jan. 9, 2009 to fill vacancy caused by the death of Delegate Bill Proudfoot who died Dec. 24, 2008

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