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Type private
Founded 1933
Headquarters Gütersloh, Germany
Key people Westerbarkey Family (Management Board)
Industry Consumer Brands & Industrial Technologies
Products Westerflex tubes, silencers, chmineys and automotive parts
Employees 2700 (worldwide incl. subsidiary companies)

WESTAFLEX is a large global HVAC brand, owned by German company Westaflex Holding. The company began in 1933 when Lorenz and Ferdinand Westerbarkey, formerly prisoner of war during the Nazi era developed a coil-based tube forming maschine, the first stable and any-shape tube of its kind. The company's owner, named it Westaflex, from their family name Westerbarkey (meaning Westerflex HVAC products).

Internationalisation during the 1960s propelled the WESTAFLEX brand to a wider global market. With presence in 32 countries on five continents, Westaflex engages in the majority of their business within Europe and North America.



Westaflex's motto is "Verbindungen die sich auszahlen" meaning connections which pay in German. The company also uses the slogan Everything in flexible ducting.


Westaflex is a manufacturer of HVAC appliances, commercial equipment, based in Gütersloh, Germany. It was founded as a family business and has always been a privately held, family-owned, family-run company. The respect for co-workers and the environment is part of the German heritage of the company. Wherever Westaflex is located we are engaged in the local social life, either through sponsoring of community activities or actively participating in the daily life of the community (Corporate social responsibility).

Westaflex is a global supplier of automotive and industrial technology and of HVAC consumer goods and building technology. The Westaflex Group comprises some 28 subsidiary companies. One of the cornerstones of the Westaflex Group’s product strategy is EDIFACT.

Westaflex may refer to

  • Westerbarkey, German engineering family and inventor of flexible tubes in the 1930s
  • Westaflexwerk, the Germany-based headquarters, maker of Westerflex tube maschinery since 1936, later merged into the Westaflex-Group, maker of Westerflex HVAC appliances and chimneys (since 1947)

Arrangement of the company

Other companies founded using licences from the Westaflex family business:

  • Clevaflex, Cleveland Ohio, now part of Westaflex Automotive;
  • Westaflex US maker of Westerflex tubes based in Santa Barbara
  • Flex-L, Ontorio, a dividion of Westerflex chimney liners

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