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The Western Governors' Association (WGA) is a non-partisan organization of all 22 United States Governors (representing 19 U.S. States and 3 U.S. territories) that are considered to be part of the Western region of the nation.

The WGA also invites the premiers (Canada's equivalent of governors) of Western Canada to its annual conference.[1]



The WGA addresses important policy and governance issues in the West, advances the role of the Western states in the federal system, and strengthens the social and economic fabric of the region.

WGA develops policy and carries out programs in the areas of natural resources, the environment, human services, economic development, international relations and state governance.

WGA acts as a center of innovation and promotes shared development of solutions to regional problems.


The WGA takes up issues using six basic strategies:

  • Develop and Communicate Regional Policy
    • The WGA enables Governors to identify issues of regional concern, to formulate regional policy for those issues, and to take action that promotes Western interests.
  • Serve as a Leadership Forum
    • The WGA provides a forum for Governors and other leaders to exchange ideas, positions and experiences.
  • Build Regional Capacity
    • Through the WGA, Governors and their staffs exchange information and ideas about problem solving for a wide range of practical management concerns. The exchange helps Governors manage their resources more efficiently, for example, when they procure services jointly and share development costs for new programs. The exchange also helps build rapport among Governors, cabinet officers and gubernatorial staffs in the region.
  • Conduct Research and Disseminate Findings
    • The WGA develops and maintains up-to-date information on a wide range of subjects important to Western policy-makers, business leaders and educators. WGA produces occasional white papers, reports and other analyses used in the development of policy on matters important to the West.
  • Form Coalitions and Partnerships to Advance Regional Interests
    • Through the WGA, Western Governors form coalitions to collectively express their positions on matters of shared interest, and together advocate a Western agenda before Congress and the executive branch of the federal government.
  • Build Public Understanding and Support for Regional Issues and Policy Positions
    • Through its annual convention, meetings, media briefings, resolutions and background papers, the WGA provides timely information for the public.

List of current Western Governors

The Current Chairman of the WGA is Democrat Brian Schweitzer of Montana, and the Vice Chairman is Republican C.L. "Butch" Otter of Idaho

Current Governor State Past Party Elected/took office Seat Up
Sean Parnell Alaska List Republican 2009 2010
Togiola Tulafono American Samoa List Democratic 2003 2008
Jan Brewer Arizona List Republican 2009 2010
Arnold Schwarzenegger California List Republican 2003 2010 (term-limited)
Bill Ritter Colorado List Democratic 2007 2010
Felix Camacho Guam List Republican 2002 2010
Linda Lingle Hawaii List Republican 2002 2010 (term-limited)
C.L. "Butch" Otter Idaho List Republican 2007 2010
Mark Parkinson Kansas List Democratic 2003 2010 (term-limited)
Brian Schweitzer Montana List Democratic 2005 2008
Dave Heineman Nebraska List Republican 2005 2010
Jim Gibbons Nevada List Republican 2007 2010
Bill Richardson New Mexico List Democratic 2003 2010 (term-limited)
Benigno Fitial Northern Mariana Islands List Covenant 2006 2009
John Hoeven North Dakota List Republican 2000 2008
Brad Henry Oklahoma List Democratic 2003 2010 (term-limited)
Ted Kulongoski Oregon List Democratic 2003 2010 (term-limited)
Mike Rounds South Dakota List Republican 2003 2010 (term-limited)
Rick Perry Texas List Republican 2000 2010
Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. Utah List Republican 2005 2008
Christine Gregoire Washington List Democratic 2005 2008
Dave Freudenthal Wyoming List Democratic 2003 2010 (term-limited)


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