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What's Your Raashee?

Theatrical poster
Directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar
Produced by Ronnie Screwvala
Ashutosh Gowarikar
Written by Madhu Rye
Starring Harman Baweja
Priyanka Chopra
Music by Sohail Sen
Cinematography Piyush Shah
Editing by Ballu Saluja
Release date(s) 25 September 2009
Running time 195 minutes
Country India India
Language Hindi

What's Your Raashee? (Hindi (transliteration): वॉट्स यॉर राशी?, translation: What's Your zodiac sign?) is a Hindi film directed by the noted director Ashutosh Gowarikar. The movie is based on the Doordarshan TV serial Mr. Yogi and US-based Gujarati writer Madhu Rye's novel Kimball Ravenswood and stars Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra.[1] The film began shooting in Mumbai, on 6 December 2008.[2]

Priyanka Chopra plays 12 different characters depicting the twelve zodiac signs. Each character has a trait related to each respective zodiac sign. She is the first actress in world cinema to play twelve different characters in a single film.[3]



The movie starts off in a quaint rural village where an elderly man is eagerly awaiting the postman. Upon the postman's arrival, he gets a card addressed to him from his youngest grandson Yogesh. HE decides then and there that his inheritance will go to Yogesh. The scene then flips to Mumbai, where a family is consulting an astrologer to find out whether their eldest son Jitu, is destined for Jail. They are relieved to hear he is not, and give the astrologer their youngest sons birth date to find out what is his future. The astrologer is astonished to see that their youngest son, Yogesh, will come into much money if he is married on the 20th of June. and right then a phone call comes. The mother is overjoyed to find out that her father has made Yogesh sole heir to his property. The movie then flips to Chicago where you see Yogesh, a very successful Young man with a high paying job. He gets a phone call that his father has had a heart attack and comes rushing to Mumbai. When he arrives he finds out that he was lied to. The family then explains the situation that, Jitu owes a very rich man 2.5 million dollars, which he whiled away in gambling, and if Yogesh doesn’t marry on the 20th, then Jitu will go to jail. Yogesh is adamant at first that he will NOT marry, but then Jitu pulls him aside and tells him that there is more. He had also borrowed 4 million dollars for a mob boss who was on his tail to pay him back and that if he doest, he is afraid he will be killed. His parents don’t know about it and he wants to keep it that way. Yogesh is annoyed but agrees to marry. At this time they are standing outside the apartment where they live when two rough looking men come up to Jitu and say that boss wants to meet you, they take Jitu and Yogesh to meet him where Jitu promises the mob boss that money will be delivered on the day of the wedding after the last round around the altar is made. The Mob Boss agrees but threatens them that if he doesn’t get his money, both their fingers will be chopped off.

Yogesh then goes to meet with his uncle and father. His Uncle Devu had posted an ad, with Yogesh's photo and 176 girls had replied. Yogesh realized he couldn’t see so many girls at once so he decides that his will see one girl from each rashee or Zodiac sign. After their meeting, Uncle Devu’s Wife comes to ask a favor of Yogesh's father. She asks for him to assign a private detective to follow her husband because she suspects that he is cheating on her. When his father tries to find one he finds out the astrologer is also a private detective. They agree that he will tail Devu to find out the girls name and address. that said and done Devu takes Yogesh to meet the girls.

The first girl he sees is Anjali (Aries), she is a gujrati girl whose father and her can't speak fluent English but can speak it brokenly. They go to have lunch while the family talks. Anjali comes across as awkward and ties to portray herself as a drinking, dating and non veg Hindu girl. But as soon as Anjali attempts to smoke and then chokes on the cigarette smoke, it became apparent that she had been lying. She had tried to portray herself and a westernized girl in the hopes that Yogesh would like her as she didn’t have much experience with boys. He very gently tells her that she is a very nice girl and she shouldn’t change for anyone. They part ways in a friendly fashion.

The next Yogesh meets is Sanjana Shah.(Aquarius). She is sweet and polite and tells Yogesh that she is a Micro biologist. She then hesitates and tells him that she doesn’t think their pairing will work out. when he asks why she tells him she is in love with another man named Worobu, a man who is half-Indian and half African American, who she met when she lived with her parents. Her parents were against it so they sent her to India to get married under her grandfathers supervision. She tells him that he can help, by rejecting her. He agrees and begins to walk away but Sanjana stops him saying it will look suspicious so they go for a drive. When they return they find a woman trying to get into Yogesh car. She tells him her name is Anila Khamdar, Devu's yoga instructor, and that she left her house keys in the car. He opens it and retrieves her keys. She then leaves. Yogesh mentions it to his uncle who dismisses it. they go in and tell Sanjana's grandparents that Yogesh has rejected her and both part ways again in a friendly fashion.

The third woman Yogesh meets is Kajal Khakkad,(Gemini), She is currently in college and invites him to meet her at a school dance. There they meet and it is obvious they have chemistry but Kajal does not want to get married for another year at least and both part ways, because they cannot agree.

Next Yogesh meets Hansa (Cancer), a very quiet and composed woman. She talks to Yogesh in fluent English, which surprises him because he was told that she didn’t understand English. She tells him she cannot go into marriage dishonestly, and discloses the fact that she once loved a man named Hiten, but he betrayed her and married elsewhere. And that she in her desperation to keep him, broke all the boundaries of virtue. He asks her to clarify what she means and she tells him pint blank that she is not a virgin. Yogesh is moved by her honesty and tells her as much and that her confession will not have any weighing on his decision on the proposal. This seems to surprise her and he asks her one last question. Whill she able to love him like she did Hiten. She looks at him for a minute and then replies, I do not know but I will try. This seems to open emotions of love for both of them as he leaves and she follows him to the door. On their way out they run into the Mob Boss’s lackeys who say they're here for a guy named Hiten who owes money and if he doesn’t pay today he gets his fingers chopped. Yogesh accidentally replies good ! but then realizes his mistakes and covers up by saying its very bad, why?

The fifth girl Yogesh meets is a business woman named Rajini (Libra), she is a strict woman simply looking for things from which she can profit. She meets him in her office with her assistant, Thakkar who follows them everywhere like a dog, Yogesh firmly states he cannot meet with her like this, and invites her to dinner. Upon arriving he finds her there with Thakkar, and she informs him he is 6 minutes late. She then proceeds to bombard him with question about his lifestyles like if he likes sweets. He replies yes and she says she hates them and if they marry he cannot have them and he must learn how to rub feet for she cannot sleep without it. And that the only reason she needs to marry is because she is being investigated by the CBI and she must marry an NRI (non returning Indian) and get a green card and

assures him they will divorce in two years. She promises him all the money he wants as a dowry. This is all too much for Yogesh and he blacks out. He wakes up to find Sanjana and Rajini leaning over him to try and wake him up. Sanjana was apparently at a marriage proposal and the guy has already rejected her so she is happy. They are friendly once more and part ways.

Yogesh meets with his uncle and describes the girls he’s met and his uncle tells him that he has booked a hotel room for them both but because he knows that he is being tailed he will stay in Yogesh’s room and Yogesh will stay in his. Yogesh has no problem and agrees, and waits for the next girl to arrive at his apartment.

Next is Chandrika (Pisces), she is a very meek woman, overpowered by her father who watches her like a fox, and speaks for her. Whenever Yogesh attempts to speak with her, her father buts in and replies for her. Yogesh finally has had enough and yells at her father, saying he doesn’t need a second father to run his life and he wants no dowry and earns the respect of Chandrika’s father, then respectfully asks him if can speak with Chandrika alone. Her father obliges and leaves. Chandrika gives him a painting of a forest and a river and asks him he believes in reincarnation. He says not really, and says he doesn’t really know what happens after death since he has never died he says jokingly. Chandrika looks at him and says he has died before. She believes that in a past life they were lovers and that one day when he went to get water for her, he accidentally fell of a cliff and that is what the panting she gave him depicts. By this point Yogesh is a little frightened and tries to stay away from her and says why don’t we go and meet your father. He goes to open the door and finds the astrologer trying to take a photo through the peephole. Yogesh is confused and the astrologer covers up by saying he is a photographer and Chandrika has him take some pictures.

After dropping Chandrika off, Yogesh runs into Kajal, who realizes that Yogesh is still on the prowl for a bride and says that she wants to marry him but she needs a year and Yogesh replies in frustrated tone that he must get married in six days. Kajal leaves very upset.

His next potential brideis Malika (Leo). She is a professional dancer. he goes to where she works and watches one of her shows. She meets him after the show and tells him to give her two minutes to change. while she gets ready he tries dancing on the stage. Malika catches him and tells him he could be a very good dancer. they go for a walk on the pier. while on the pier they talk and its obvious they get along very well. She offers him a gola (ice slushy) from the street vendor. to which he politely declines. she asks why he won't take one and he replies that the water used to make it was probably not clean. upon hearing this Malika become angry. she asks who he thinks he is. she says she's fed up of all these NRI's that think they're too good for Indian things and that he can consider himself rejected, that said she storms off. Yogesh just stands on the pier looking very confused.

Next in line is Pooja (Virgo). She is a doctor and its a very funny scene because first they keep talking at the same time. then pooja gets distractecd because she wants to make sure he doesn't have leprosy. she then remembers she must go to work and brings Yogesh with her. there she starts to like him even more because he plays with the children in the village she has gone to help while she admisisters medicine to villagers. they talk in priivate afterwards yogesh wants to marry and so does pooja but she wants to stay work in India and Yogesh is already settled in Chicago. theyy part ways begrudgingly because they once again cannot agree.

While going back to his hotel room, Yogesh bumps in to his roommate from Chicaogo. They are both very surprised. when asked why he here both find out they are both here searching for brides. his friend tells Yogesh he's looking for a very rich bride. Yogesh tells him he knows just the woman and gives him Rajini's phone number. In return the friend sets Yogesh up with his cousin whom he says is very sexy.

They meet Nandini (Scorpio), her parents take pride in the fact that she has never done anything remotely "scandoulous" before. All the while through their talks you can see that Nandini, in her shalwar and kurta is hiding a smile. when she and Yogesh go upstairs to get to know each other, she reaveals that she is more modern than her parents know. she walks out of the bathroom in a VERY short grey dress and wig. She tells him she knows all about Chicago and if he marries her, she will be able to become a model. Yogesh says she doesn't need to marry him. she just needs to tell her parents. She refuses at first but then goes downstairs to talk to her parents. Her parents are schocked and demand to know whats going on. she explains all while Yogesh explains to Devu in private while the family talks. Nandini comes to Yogesh afterwards estactic because her parents have agreed. she thanks him, kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Girl number 10 is Vishaka (Taurus), she is the daughter of one of India's biggest industrial titans. nick named the "cotton king". Yogesh is already reluctant to meet her because he says their realities would be too far apart and that he cannot support a girl with her lifestyles. when he meets her parents he informs them that he does not want to live off of her money and that if they are married he would not let her touch the money her parents gave her. the parents disagree but like his attitude because they can see he is non materialistic. when he sees her he realizes she is slightly off her rocker. (sllightly being the operative word, she first douses him with water and then tells him for their honey moon she wants to ride to Chicago on horse back/. Yogesh is now slightly scared. what they don't notice is that the private detective has shown up and is taking pictures of Devu with the wife of the industrialist assuming they are lovers.Yogesh inform vishaka that no matter how compatible they it just will not work, ecause of their lifestyles. After they leave we find out that Vishaka acted crazy so that she could tell if he wanted her or her money. they wait for his refusal so that they can tell him it was an act.

The next girl Yogesh goes to see is Bhavna (Saggitarius). She is very into astrology and checks his chart and refuses to maryy him because his first marriage is destined to fail. She says that he can prevent this if he has had a complete physical relationship. She then proceeds to attempt to seduce him. which he narrowly escapes.

Back at the hotel, Sanjana sees Yogesh and asks if they can talk in private. he agrees and while he packs his things from his bedroom Sanjana talks to him about how a boy has agreed to marry her and her grandparents are ignoring her refusals. She asks that Yogesh accepts her proposal long enough for her to figure out something about Worobu. He accepts after telling her about his own problems with Jitu. Sanjana is touched that Yogesh is still willing to help her even with all of his problems and hugs him. Right at this moment Devu walks in and thinks he has interrupted their "moment". Sanjana wants to explain to him that he's got it all wrong and runs after him. Down Stairs the private detective is still tailing Devu. He doesn't know that Devu has been staying with Anila at the hotel and watched the meeting between Sanjana and Devu take place. He watches Devu talk to her, then shows her a picture she gets angry and tries to leave, Devu stops her and she bursts into tears crying into his shoulder while he holds her. They then get up, go to Devu's car and Drive off. Yogesh's father arrives at the hotel as Yogesh himself is coming down the stairs of the hotel. The private detective tells them he believes that Devu is having an affair with Sanjana. Yogesh thinks back and realizes that its true. After seeing the pictures that the detective took he is certain. Yoggesh asks the detective to send the pictures to his phone. Then Anila comes downstairs asking where Devu is. He shows her the photos and says that the detective says he and sanjana went to Kampala. The detective tells Devu's wife the same thing. Both find Devu at a hotel with Sanjana. Anila and Devu's wife both ask who the other is. Sanjana says hi to them politely ut no takes any notice.The scene changes to Yogesh and Devu getting in a car, both are angry with each other because Devu thinks that Yogesh betrayed him and Yogesh is angry at him for messing around with Sanjana. They get in the car drive to the last marriage candidate.

They get to the house and meet Jhankana . Her parents are old and she is quite quiet. she proceeds to hand out the tea and does everything at the prompting of her mother. when Yogesh asks what she has studied, she bursts into tears. Her scarf shifts and Yogesh looks around and realizes that Jhankana is underage. At first he believes that Devu has taken him here for revenge but it turns out that the Father had done it because he could no longer afford a dowry so when he heard Yogesh was refusing a dowry he thought he would marry off his daughter. They thoroughly scold the old man and leave.

At the end, Yogesh and Devu make up and they are still left with the problem of who Yogesh will marry. Devu asks if Yogesh trusts him. Yogesh affirms that he does. Then Devu says to appear at the marriage temple ready for marriage, and for Yogesh to marry whomever Devu chooses. Yogesh reluctantly agrees.

The next day, he is standing at the temple and his bride is being led towards him. Since they all look alike Yogesh cannot tell who it is. He knows its not Anjali, because he walk is different, he knows its not Malika, she rejected him, ,Vishaka is married to someone else now, Pooja wont move with him, , Sanjana loves someone else, Chandrika would be all over him if it were her, Rajini is married to his friend and Kajal wants a year before marriage, so there fore he believes it could be Hansa, Bhavna or Nandini.

So when they are finished with the rounds around the marriage pyre, his bride finally speaks and identifies herself as Sanjana. Yogesh is staggered, and at this time Yogesh's grandfather appears and brings with him all the money needed to pay off Jutu's various debts. He explains that Devu called him and explained what was going on. While the pay off is occurring, Yogesh pulls Devu aside to ask him how he had arranged for Sanjana to marry him.

Devu explains that the afternoon where Sanjana had followed him to explain that she and yogesh were not romantically linked she had shown him a picture of her and her boyfriend together. He said he had been schocked because he had seen the same man in Kampala kissing another woman. This was why Sanjana had been angry so he took her to Kampala to prove to her that he had been right. That's why he had been at the hotel. Sanjana had gone to confront her boyfriend. In the end she was crying on his shoulder, when Anila and his wife Kanta both showed up. He then asked Sanjana if she would marry Yogesh and she agreed instantly because she realized she loved. Upon hearing this, Yogesh realized he loved Sanjana as well. They are happily married and the movie ends with everyone asking Yogesh what his Rashee or starsign is.


  • Harman Baweja ... Yogesh Patel
  • Priyanka Chopra... Anjali / Vishakha / Kajal / Hansa / Mallika / Pooja / Rajni / Nandini / Bhavna / Jhankhna / Sanjana / Chandrika
  • Manju Singh
  • Anjan Srivastav
  • Visswa Badola
  • Rajesh Vivek
  • Dilip Joshi ... Jeetu
  • Daya shankar Pandey
  • Yuri ... Moolraj
  • Bhairavi Vaidya
  • Geeta Tyagi
  • Ajita Kulkarni
  • Darshan Jariwala ... Debu

Various characters played by Priyanka Chopra

Character Name Zodiac Sign Description Positive Negative
Anjali Patel Mesh/Aries Anjali, a dorky small town girl, does not speak English properly. She has only done her schooling. Positive: For Yogesh, she seems to be a girl of clear intentions; they find a comfort zone for each other. Negative: Yogesh doesn't feel as romantic as he is friendly with her. She is dorky. She pretends to a fashionable girl thinking that's a type of girl Yogesh would like.
Vishakha Zaveri Vrishabh/Taurus Vishakha, beautiful daughter of a very rich cotton industrialist , believes she likes simple life but that isn't the fact actually, is playful and very immature to behave. Positive: Beautiful, energetic, friendly and playful. Stunner. Fun-loving person. Negative: Acts like she is kiddish to test Yogesh's intentions, thus making him think that it would be difficult for both of them to adjust with each other.
Kajal Khakhar Mithun/Gemini Kajal, a fashionabe and high-class, romantic college girl. Positive: She is very outgoing, a good dancer, and loves to have a good time. She is also into music like Yogesh. Educated, and a brilliant all-rounder. They have a lot in common; they find themselves to be compatible for each other. Negative: She argues a lot though Yogesh doesn't get bothered about it much. Her ideals vary from his. She wants the marriage to take place after one year.
Hansa Parekh Kark/Cancer Hansa, an honest, dedicated and educated girl whose own love affair was a failure. Positive: Quiet, traditional, honest, hard-working and educated. Negative: She is still getting over her previous love affair, but confines Yogesh that to be a good wife, but cannot assure him that she will love him unconditionally. Yogesh respects her more when she exposes the truth.
Mallika Desai Simha/Leo Mallika, a successful performer, works for the cause of an NGO. Positive: Charity worker, has a great sense for fashion and a magnificent theater dancer. Negative: Quick-tempered, has preconceived notions about NRIs, rejects Yogesh
Pooja Goradia Kanya/Virgo Pooja, a dedicated doctor by profession, she feels the need to work in Indian villages. Positive: Educated, caring and loving. Yogesh liked Pooja very much. Negative: Did not want to settle abroad.
Rajni Parmar Tula/Libra Rajni, a successful business tycoon. Positive: Well-balanced, has established strong foot-hold over her business. Negative: Too bossy, sees marriage as a contract. Her pre-nuptial agreement shocked Yogesh. Strict and rude, Wants to use Yogesh.
Nandini Jassani Vrishchik/Scorpio Nandini, an ambitious small town girl who has big dreams of becoming a model one day in Chicago. Positive: Beautiful, kind, passionate, knows a lot about Chicago where world's top model agency is situated. Negative: Hides her real image and a bit "In-your-face." Yogesh feels Nandini only wants to marry him so that she can go to Chicago and become a model.
Bhavna Shukla Dhanu/Sagittarius Bhavna, a religious and superstitious girl. Positive: Very plain, expert in astrology, religious and spiritual in nature. Negative: Relies on stars and horoscopes, and realizes that she and Yogesh are incompatible. Then she unsuccessfully tries to seduce him.
Jhankhna Makar/Capricorn Jhankhna, a 15 year old village girl. Positive: Simple, quiet, lives in her own little world, wants to study more. Negative: 15 years old (too young), nervous and aloof


Sanjana Shah Kumbh/Aquarius Sanjana, an attractive and successful microbiologist. Positive: NRI, Well-educated microbiologist, has a lot in common with Yogesh. Negative: She asks Yogesh to reject her, because she herself has a secret boyfriend.
Chandrika Jamnadas Meen/Pisces Chandrika, a traditional naive girl, daughter of a rich jeweller. Positive: Sweet and elegant. Negative: Hesitant and fearful at the start but later, gets little too out of the world, thinks her and Yogesh were lovers in the previous life. Overly possessive.




What's Your Raashee? is a romantic comedy dealing with marriage. The author calls the novel a side-splitting tingly comic, which studies human nature. It has many devilish characters and can be termed even as a sex thriller. But he also said that, Ashutosh Gowarikar might make few alterations in the plot to make it more appealing.[4] The movie is Ashutosh Gowarikar's first romantic comedy film. In a press interview Gowarikar said "It is a genre that I have always loved and I had always wanted to attempt. My favourite films of this genre are "Roman Holiday" and "When Harry Met Sally", amongst several others. I'm also a great fan of 'Chupke Chupke' and all romantic comedies of Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Basu Chatterjee".The movie went on floors on 6 December.[2] It is being shot across 65 different locations in Mumbai. The director said that shooting for this movie is more challenging that his previous effort, 2008's Jodha Akbar, since the shooting is not in one location and the crew has to continuously move around which is time consuming. The production of the movie entered its second schedule in the midweeks of January. A few parts of this schedule is supposed to be shot in Chicago as well as Baroda. The film was shot in a single start-to-finish schedule.[5] The final wrapping of the shooting was in April 2009.[6]

A Doordarshan TV serial in 1980s called Mr. Yogi was also based on a similar story of an MBA student from America Yogesh Patel meeting 12 girls and trying to select one of them as his brides in India.


This is the second movie that Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra will be paired in pivotal roles after Love Story 2050.[7] According to the director, Harman was signed for this movie before Love Story 2050 was produced.[8] Later, Priyanka Chopra joined the cast. Priyanka will be playing twelve different characters, each representative of a zodiac sign. Each character will have a unique look for each individual starsign.[9]


After finishing the first schedule of the movie, Ashutosh Gowarikar wanted Nabeel Abbas to design the first look of the film. Ashutosh and Nabeel came up with the unique concept for the first look of the film. The teaser poster was released on 20 January 2009. The poster looked like a book cover that, according to Gowarikar, "will not reveal much about the film at the same time will have a feel of the film."[10]


  • A similar story outline was telecast as a serial in Doordarshan in 1989 - Mr. Yogi in which a USA returned Yogesh Ishwarlal Patel played by Mohan Gokhale tries to have an arranged marriage by looking for girls of the 12 rashees. It was directed by Ketan Mehta and also starred Om Puri as the narrator.
  • Ashutosh Gowariker originally wanted A.R. Rahman to compose for the film, as he had composed for his earlier films Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001), Swades: We, the People (2004) and Jodhaa Akbar (2008), but he couldn't do the film because he wanted to compose for Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire (2008) instead.
  • Priyanka Chopra plays twelve roles in this film. This breaks the record set by Kamal Hassan, who acted in ten roles in Dasavatharam (2008).
  • The film is loosely inspired by "Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon" (1992), which also featured a set of girls who are based on their stars.
  • The film was shot across 65 districts in Bombay, and some scenes were shot in Baroda. Only a few scenes were shot abroad, in Chicago.
  • The film's teaser poster was designed by Ashutosh Gowariker and Nabeel Abbas. According to Gowariker, the poster gave off a "paperback feel which will not reveal much about the film at the same time will have a feel of the film."
  • The song "Aaja Lehraate" was shot in one take. It was a draining process for Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja, as one mistake they made would require them to shoot the song from the beginning... which happened many times. Priyanka Chopra fell ill due to the stress of shooting the film, and filming had to be delayed while she took a rest.
  • The film's story is based on the novel "Kimball Revenswood" by Gujrati author Madhu Rye.


Critical reception

What's Your Raashee? premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on 19 September 2009.[11] The initial reviews of the movie were negative, especially blaming the film's run time. Variety wrote, "the film stretches to a 211 minutes, even Bollywood aficionados will consider breaking the engagement. Two or three peppy songs prove woefully insufficient to sustain a 3½-hour trifle, however good-looking." [12].

Box office

The film earned only Rs. 11,71,00,000 during its run and was designated as a flop by Box Office India.[13] The film's telecasting rights have been sold to Tata Sky for their 'Showcase' Premiere.


The music of the film is composed by Sohail Sen and the lyrics are penned by Javed Akhtar[14] The music was released on 18 August 2009.The album has 13 songs, 12 for each zodiac sign, represented by 12 characters played by Priyanka Chopra, and one introductory song.[15]

What's Your Raashee?
Soundtrack by Sohail Sen
18 August 2009
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Length 57:58
Label Sony Music
Professional reviews
Track Song Artist(s) Duration Zodiac Song
1 What's Your Raashee? (Pal Pal Dil Jisko Dhoonde) Sohail Sen 03:58 Aries(Anjali)
2 Jao Na Sohail Sen, Tarannum Mallik 04:45 Aquarius (Sanjna)
3 Aaja Lehraate Shaan, Bhavya Pandit, Sohail Sen 03:50 Gemini (Kajal)
4 Bikhri Bikhri Sohail Sen, Marianne D'Cruz 04:41 Cancer (Hansa)
5 Maanunga Maanunga Ashutosh Gowarikar, Pamela Jain 03:51 Libra (Rajni)
6 Sau Janam Udit Narayan, Madhushree, Sohail Sen 04:22 Pisces (Chandrika)
7 Aa Le Chal Aslesha Gowarikar, Harman Baweja 02:59 Scorpio (Nandini)
8 Pyaari Pyaari Alka Yagnik, Sohail Sen 04:47 Virgo (Pooja)
9 Su Chhe Sohail Sen, Bela Shende 04:23 Taurus (Vishakha)
10 Salone Kya Sohail Sen, Tarannum Mallik 03:48 Sagittarius (Bhavna)
11 Dhadkan Dhadkan Sohail Sen, Tarannum Mallik 05:03 Leo (Mallika)
12 Koi Jaane Na Rajab Ali Bharti, Bela Shende 04:43 Capricorn (Jhankhna)
13 What's Your Raashee? (Chehre Jo Dekhe Hain) Sohail Sen 05:34 the 12 girls and Harman


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