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"What What (In the Butt)"
"What What (In the Butt)" cover
Song by Samwell
Released February 14, 2007
Genre Electro-hop
Length 3:32

"What What (In the Butt)" is a viral video created by Andrew Swant and Bobby Ciraldo for the song of the same name by Samwell.[1] It is known for its numerous camp references to homosexuality and anal sex. The lyrics of the song, a production of Mike Stasny, mostly revolve around the title. The video was shot in wide-screen format and was primarily produced with a green screen.[1] It was uploaded on Valentine's Day 2007 to YouTube and Google Video.[2]

The song bears a strong resemblance, both thematically and musically, to Eddie Murphy's 1982 song "Boogie in Your Butt".

With regard to the Christian imagery in the video, Samwell, in an interview with KROQ-FM, said that the opening image is "not a cross, but a flaming symbol that [he] just happened to use,"[3] but according to Stasny, "[Samwell] wanted it because he's a Christian but he doesn't do Christian morality. For him, having a burning cross is a way to pay respect to his beliefs."[2] The video also parodies the flower petal scene from the movie American Beauty.[4] Brownmark Films released an interview with Samwell on April 8, 2007, in which he discussed the public reception of the song at length.[5]

In April 2008 Samwell appeared on the BBC television show Lily Allen and Friends for an interview and performed a live version of "What What (In the Butt)" with choreographed dancers.[6] The video was also featured in episode #53 of ADD-TV in Manhattan.[7] "What What (In the Butt)" was an official selection at the Milwaukee International Film Festival and the Mix Brasil Film Festival.[8][9]

In March of 2010 Special Entertainment released an iPhone App called Shaky Advice from Samwell that functions much like a Magic 8 Ball, with video clips of Samwell giving advice.

The creators of the video, and Samwell himself, claim that a feature film called What What (In the Butt): The Movie is in the works.[10][11]


References in popular culture

  • The “What What” song surfaced on an episode of Sweden’s Got Talent in which four naked young men danced to the song; videos of this segment quickly spread across the Internet.
  • Members of the Israeli Army did a spoof of the "What What" video which became popular after being featured on Boing Boing.

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