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When Night is Falling

Directed by Patricia Rozema
Produced by Barbara Tranter
Written by Patricia Rozema
Starring Pascale Bussières
Rachael Crawford
Music by Lesley Barber
Cinematography Douglas Koch
Editing by Susan Shipton
Release date(s) May 5, 1996
Running time 94 mins
Country Canada Canada
Language English

When Night is Falling is a 1995 Canadian drama film directed by Patricia Rozema.



The film stars Pascale Bussières as Camille Baker, a university literature professor at a religious college struggling with both her tenure-track career and her troubled relationship with fellow professor Martin (Henry Czerny). When a carnival subsequently comes to town, Camille is confused by her unexpected lesbian attraction to Petra (Rachael Crawford), a sexy, free-spirited circus performer.

The cast also includes Don McKellar, Clare Coulter, Tracy Wright and Tom Melissis.

MPAA Rating

When Night is Falling was given the NC-17 rating by the MPAA, but surrendered the rating and then released the movie unrated; it was later given an R about the time of its video release. The film makers appealed the NC-17 rating because of the highly negative stigma associated with NC-17 rated films, and because the NC-17 restricts the distribution and actual sales of such movies.

Critical Reception

When Night is Falling received mixed reviews: Siskel & Ebert didn't like the film too well and gave negative reviews [1]; and the Rotten Tomatoes scale for When Night is Falling did not go higher than 50% [2]


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When Night is Falling is an LGBT drama movie. It was released in November of 1995. The MPAA rated the film as NC-17, but instead the film was released unrated to avoid the NC-17 related stigma. This film was later released with two versions: the original unrated version, and an R rated cut. Patricia Rozema directed When Night is Falling.

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