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When Romance Meets Destiny

Theatrical poster
Hangul 광식이 동생 광태
RR Gwangshiki dongsaeng gwangtae
Directed by Hyeon-seok Kim
Produced by Shim Jae-myung
Lee U-jeong
Written by Park Yeon-seon
Starring Kim Joo-hyuk
Bong Tae-gyu
Music by Lee Byung-hoon
Cinematography Choe Jin-ung
Editing by Sin Mi-gyeong
Release date(s) 23 November 2005
Running time 104 min.
Country South Korea
Language Korean

When Romance Meets Destiny (Hangul: 광식이 동생 광태; RR: Gwangshiki dongsaeng gwangtae) is a 2005 South Korean film. A romantic, melodrama about two brothers and their conquest for love based on their own beliefs.


The story begins with the narrative of two phases of elder brother "Gwang-sik's" life, past and present, about his inability to express his love for his high school crush "Kyung-jae" whom he has secretly fallen for, but ended up losing. After years pass by they again meet each other during one of their class mates wedding. Even though this time it is apparent that she also has a positive feeling towards him, nothing else seems to have changed in Gwand-sik's side, who is so innocent and pure hearted but extremely shy and believe in sentimentality of love and destiny.

Mean while Gwaing-sik's younger brother "Gwang-tae" a wide mouth and less mannered punk who has no difficulties unlike his brother, dating woman purely on purpose of having momentum pleasure. In contrast to his brother's emotional approach he has his own code "just sleep and dump" before it is too late. But one thing is common, none of them has ever said "I love you" to any woman.

The dramatic U turn began when elder brother Gwang-sik's studio assistant fallen for his crush (Kyung-jae), again leading speculations of repetition of his own past and young brother Gwang-tae ended up dumped by an attractive woman's hand whom he met during a marathon, leading him to taste his own medicine and got conscious about LOVE.

Final showdown explicit the devastated two brothers standing on their own ways for the sake of preserving their love. Will each of them able to succeed? Is it true that romance decided by destiny or by your self?


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