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Where Is Warehouse Mouse?
Format Puppetry
Voices of Kevin Carlson
Country of origin  United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 8 (to date) (List of episodes)
Running time 2-3 minutes
Original channel Playhouse Disney
First shown in  United States
Original run 24 August 2009 – present
Related shows Imagination Movers

Where Is Warehouse Mouse? are 3 minute shorts that air on Playhouse Disney and Playhouse Disney (UK & Ireland), that feature the character Warehouse Mouse from the pre-school show Imagination Movers. The show is set within the Season 2 Imagination Movers studio.



Season 1

The shows first season ran for 8 episodes (to date).

United States# United Kingdom # Title Directed by Written by United States USA airdate United Kingdom UK airdate Production code link
1 TBA "Clock Shock" 24 August 2009 TBA 101? Clock Shock
Warehouse Mouse prepares to go to sleep, when his cuckoo clock wakes him up and cannot stop it from cuckooing, he then decides to sleep with earmuffs on. 
2 TBA "Hammock Time" 24 August 2009 10 January 2010 102? Hammock Time
Warehouse Mouse keeps falling off his hammock 
3 1 "Going Bananas" 24 August 2009 28 December 2009 103? Going Bananas
Warehouse Mouse tries to get the skin off of a banana
4 2 "Fly Away" 24 August 2009 29 December 2009 104? Fly Away
A fly lands on Warehouse Mouse's strawberry and tries to get rid of it. He then decides to eat the strawberry inside a net which he tried to catch the fly with. 
5 3 "Balloon" 2009 30 December 2009 105? N/A
Warehouse Mouse trips over a drumstick and his helium balloon get stuck up high in the warehouse and he tries to get it. 
6 TBA "Big Cheese" 2009 TBA 106? N/A
Warehouse Mouse gets a giant piece of cheese off Nina, but he cannot move it into his mouse hole and tries about everything there is to get it in and then decide to eat it outside of his mouse hole. 
7 5 "Can Can't" 2009 1 January 2010 107? N/A
Warehouse Mouse tries to get an empty apple juice can into a high-up recycling bin. He gets it in by tipping the bin over, he then tips the bin up, but then when he gets another can he needs to put that in and he has to tip the bin over again. 
8 4 "Stuck On Me" 2009 31 December 2009 108? N/A
While wrapping Smitty's birthday present Warehouse Mouse gets a ribbon stuck on his tail. 

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