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White Collar
White Collar (TV series).png
Intertitle from the second half of Season One
Genre Comedy-drama
Created by Jeff Eastin
Starring Matt Bomer
Tim DeKay
Willie Garson
Natalie Morales
Tiffani Thiessen
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 14 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Jeff Eastin
Producer(s) Fox Television Studios
Location(s) New York City
Running time 42 min
Original channel USA Network
Original run October 23, 2009 (2009-10-23) – present
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White Collar is a USA Network crime comedy-drama television series created by Jeff Eastin, starring Matt Bomer as con-man Neal Caffrey and Tim DeKay as Special Agent Peter Burke. It premiered on October 23, 2009. In December, 2009 White Collar was renewed for a second season beginning in summer 2010; USA Network did not announce the number of episodes ordered.[1]



Neal Caffrey is a con-man who was captured after a three-year game of cat and mouse. With three months left while serving a four-year sentence, he escapes from a maximum security federal prison to find Kate, his ex-girlfriend. Peter Burke, the FBI agent who captured Caffrey, catches him again. This time, Caffrey gives Burke information about evidence in another case; however, this information comes with a price: Burke must have a meeting with Caffrey. At this meeting, Caffrey proposes a deal: he will help Burke catch other criminals as part of a work-release program. Burke agrees, after some hesitation. Within a day of being released from prison, Caffrey already lives in one of the most expensive houses in Manhattan, after persuading an elderly widow to rent him her guest room. After catching the elusive Dutchman, Caffrey has proven to Burke that he will help him, and that he will not try to escape again. However, at the same time, Caffrey is still looking for Kate, who he believes is in trouble.


Main characters

  • Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer):[2] Neal Caffrey is a skilled forger and thief who was imprisoned after being captured by FBI Agent Peter Burke. After his girlfriend visits him in jail and ends their relationship, Neal escapes from prison in order to find her, but Peter quickly recaptures him in their now-empty apartment. Back in prison, Neal proposes he become an FBI consultant, but Peter declines, then changes his mind, leading to Neal's release with an ankle bracelet monitoring his movements. Now free on a limited basis, Neal has one chance to prove himself to the FBI or return to prison. Neal's charm and street-smarts soon gain him both the guest room in a wealthy woman's home, and a position as a confidential informant for the FBI, working with Peter to catch white-collar criminals. However, Neal also uses his new position with the FBI to search for Kate, whom he believes is in trouble. He must now follow a series of clues that leads him to believe she is being held by someone who wants something he has. The only clue Neal has on the man's identity is a picture of his right hand on Kate's shoulder, wearing a distinctive ring.
  • Special Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay):[3] Agent Peter Burke is brilliant at what he does, due to his knack for getting into the criminal mind. He caught Neal Caffrey, and is the only one to have ever accomplished this feat. In the pilot, when Caffrey escapes with three months left on his sentence, Burke knows that something happened. He apprehends Caffrey and, in return for Caffrey helping him on a difficult case, he later has him released to assist him in catching white-collar criminals. Peter must keep Neal on a short leash as well as make sure Neal doesn't slip into his old ways.
  • Elizabeth Burke (Tiffani Thiessen):[4] An event planner and the wife of Peter Burke. She is supportive and understanding of his work and long hours away. An intelligent woman herself, Elizabeth is able to discuss Peter's cases with him, and at times makes a meaningful contribution to them. She has, on occasion, been shown to be supportive of Neal and willing to listen to his ideas as well as reprimanding him for going to his old ways.
  • Mozzie (Willie Garson):[5] A con-man himself, Mozzie, often called Moz, is Neal's friend, informant and confidante. He helps Neal in a variety of ways, supplying information, analyzing evidence and impersonating various law enforcement agents. Mozzie is the only other person who knows the whole story of Kate's current situation and the clues leading to her. He appears to be a jack of all trades and performs a variety of tasks for Neal.

Supporting characters

  • Kate Moreau (Alexandra Daddario): Neal's girlfriend, who appears to be acting under the direction of a mysterious man, identifiable only by his 10-year commemorative FBI ring. Kate broke up with Neal while he was still in prison, precipitating his break-out. She provides Neal cryptic clues when she wants to communicate with him, but is not in as much danger as Neal believes. At the end of the season, she was seen on board a private jet that exploded, but it is not known whether she survived.
  • Special Agent Clinton Jones (Sharif Atkins): A junior agent on Peter's team. He is responsible for carrying out a variety of tasks during the team's investigations, including surveillance.
  • Special Agent Lauren Cruz (Natalie Morales):[6] A junior agent who requested a transfer to Peter's team. She has admired Peter Burke since college and wrote a paper about Neal while a student at the FBI Academy in Quantico.
  • Special Agent Reese Hughes (James Rebhorn): Special Agent in Charge of the FBI's Manhattan White Collar Crime Unit. Hughes is supportive of Peter's goals with Neal, although dubious about the wisdom of using Neal as a confidential informant. He also risked his job to warn Peter of an OPR investigation of Peter.
  • June (Diahann Carroll): The elderly widow of Byron, who ran with the Rat Pack and owned a wardrobe of clothing designed by Sy Devore. She meets Neal at a thrift store. A quick judge of character, she soon offers Neal her guest room. She has two granddaughters: a 22-year-old college art student and an 8-year-old currently in need of a kidney transplant. She is protective of Neal and doesn't care that he is a convicted felon.
  • Garrett Fowler (Noah Emmerich): A mysterious agent from the Office of Professional Responsibility. Both Neal and Peter believe he is the man with the ring. He heads a task force carrying out the undefined Operation: Mentor.
  • Alex (Gloria Votsis): A friend of Neal who helped him steal the music box that would free Kate. She works as a black-market fence.


Season Episodes Original Airing Rank Viewers
(in millions)
Season Premiere Season Finale TV Season
1 14 October 23, 2009 March 9, 2010 2009–2010

International Distribution

In The Netherlands the series will air on RTL 5.[citation needed]

In Australia the series airs on Channel Ten at 9:30PM DST.[citation needed] In Latin America the series start airing on FOX on march 9.


The New York Times praised the series saying the pilot was "a winsome, quick-paced caper that is part Catch Me if You Can, part Shampoo." Overall saying "White Collar is a witty advertisement for the value of knowing, well, everything — and an object lesson, perhaps, in the benefits of moving on."[7] USA Network spent US$10 million promoting the show.[8]

The Boston Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert thinks he overpraised White Collar and writes[9]

But after the nicely done pilot, "White Collar" lost its charm. The crime plots, in particular, failed to hold any mystery or offer any satisfying turns. The fall finale did forward an interesting twist regarding the main characters, though, so improvement is still possible.
Matthew Gilbert ,  The Boston Globe


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