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The term White Russian may refer to:

  • White Russian (cocktail), an alcoholic beverage
  • Members of the White movement whose military arm is known as the White Army or White Guard comprised some of the Russian forces, both political and military, which opposed the Bolsheviks after the October Revolution and fought against the Red Army during the Russian Civil War from 1918 to 1923
  • A White émigré from the Russian Civil War
  • A person from Belarus, which translates as "White Russia" (bela meaning white and rus from the same root as Russia). This usage is obsolete in English.
    • Their language, commonly known in English as Belarusian
  • Old Believers, a religious group sometimes called White Russians
  • The White Russians, an Australian band fronted by former Machine Gun Fellatio member, Pinky Beecroft
  • "Min kvite russer" ("My White Russian"), a song by Kaizers Orchestra from their album Evig Pint
  • "White Russian", a song by Marillion from their album Clutching at Straws
  • The White Russian, a novel by Tom Bradby
  • The codename for OpenWrt version 0.9


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White Russians

  1. Plural form of White Russian.


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