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Theatrical release poster
Directed by Dominic Sena
Produced by Joel Silver
Susan Downey
David Gambino
Written by Jon Hoeber
Erich Hoeber
Chad Hayes
Carey Hayes
Greg Rucka
Steve Lieber
(Graphic novel)
Starring Kate Beckinsale
Gabriel Macht
Columbus Short
Tom Skerritt
Music by John Frizzell
Cinematography Christopher Soos
Editing by Martin Hunter
Stuart Baird
Studio Dark Castle Entertainment
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date(s) September 11, 2009 (2009-09-11)
Running time 101 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $35 million[1]
Gross revenue $12,201,122[2]

Whiteout is a 2009 feature film, based on the 1998 comic book of the same name by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber, and released on September 11, 2009.[3] The film was produced under the banner of Dark Castle Entertainment by Joel Silver, Susan Downey and David Gambino, is directed by Dominic Sena, is distributed by Warner Bros., and stars Kate Beckinsale, Gabriel Macht and Alex O'Loughlin in the lead roles.



U.S. Deputy Marshal Carrie Stetko (Kate Beckinsale) has been assigned to a base in Antarctica for two years. During the last three days of her assignment, a body is found encased in ice and Carrie is obliged to take part in the continent’s first-ever murder investigation. With the Antarctic winter drawing close, Carrie must work diligently to complete the investigation before the arrival of an incoming storm. Carrie is unaware that she is involved in a sixty year old murder that the killer would do anything to keep secret. While working on the case, Stetko crosses paths with a UN operative (Gabriel Macht), who has also been assigned to the case as an investigator. As Stetko chases down suspects, she finds evidence of more murders. Stetko is maliciously attacked by the killer and left for dead in the harsh Antarctic storm. Stetko must reveal the killer before he finds her again.



In November 1999, Columbia Pictures acquired feature film rights to the comic book Whiteout by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber.[8] An adapted screenplay for the film was written by Jon and Erich Hoeber.[9] The script was written to have a male character star opposite the female lead, since the studio was hesitant on how large of a film audience that the original setup of two female leads would draw.[8] By November 2002, the studio placed the project on turnaround after a lack of production, and the rights were acquired by Universal Studios. The studio cast Reese Witherspoon to star in Whiteout, which would be based on the screenplay written by the Hoebers.[9] By May 2004, a second draft of the script had been written, and a director was still being sought.[10] Ultimately, rights over the film changed ownership, detaching Witherspoon from the project.[11]

In October 2006, Whiteout entered development at Dark Castle Entertainment with production slated to begin in the coming winter for a release date in the first quarter of 2008.[12] Dominic Sena, a fan of the graphic novel since its '98 debut, had sought to acquire the rights to direct a film adaptation, and when rights were acquired by Dark Castle, Sena petitioned to producer Joel Silver, president of the company, for the opportunity to direct Whiteout.[13] In February 2007, with Warner Bros. signed on to distribute Whiteout, Sena was hired to direct the film, based on the adapted screenplay by the Hoebers. In the same month, Beckinsale was cast in the lead role.[4] Production began on March 5, 2007 in Manitoba, with later footage being shot in Montreal.[14] A set was also constructed on the shore of Lake Winnipeg.[15] The film was primarily set in a bright world of ice and sunlight, an unconventional approach to the murder mystery genre. Both real and fake snow were used in production. The author of the graphic novel, Greg Rucka, applauded the film adaptation of his source material. Filming concluded a few weeks before Comic-Con in July 2007.[5]

Critical reception

The film was panned by critics.'s Moviefone staff rated it as the 8th worst movie of 2009.[16] Based on 105 reviews collected by Rotten Tomatoes, Whiteout has a 'rotten' 7% approval rating from critics, with an average score of 3.5/10.[17] By comparison, Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the film has received an average score of 28, based on 19 reviews.[18] Richard Roeper gave the movie 2 stars in the Chicago Sun Times calling it a "formulaic thriller that is ultimately no less predictable or interesting simply because it is set in the coldest and most isolated place on Earth."[19] Online critics at Zap2it claim, "The film moves like frozen molasses, letting the audience get out ahead of the narrative developments at every turn."[20] It is also the 100th worst reviewed movie on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie's banner was exposed in Times Square during the month of August 2009.

Box Office

The film was released to US theaters on September 11, 2009. The film continued to have major decreases in ticket sales, and has a gross of $10,186,479 to date[21]. It has grossed only $1,925,484 internationally to date bringing the total return to just $12,201,122 from a budget of $35 million.


The theatrical release was on September 11, 2009. The film was released on DVD[22] and Blu-ray on January 19, 2010.[23]


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