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Who's That Boy? is the first ever episode of the British television series Gimme Gimme Gimme.

Main plot

Flatmates Tom & Linda find a mysterious man in their flat after a heavy night and neither of them can remember who slept with him or what happened the night before.


Landlady Beryl Merrit is up bright and early to fix up the garden and this wakes up Linda and Tom, flatmates from downstairs. Linda gets out of bed and find a man in his underpants in the kitchen but she only see's him from the rear. She then has a slight rant at Beryl for being up so early and then goes to the shop. Tom gets up soon after and also see's the man only from the rear. He goes to the shop were he finds Linda. They gossip about mysterious man and what they think happened last night. Tom suggests he could be a burgular but neither Linda nor Tom can remember who he is. So they rush home to find out but he is gone. They remember some of the previous night, they went to Cheeky Charlies as a celebration for Tom getting an agent and Linda getting an evening job and that they got hom in a taxi. They both search their bedrooms for evidence of a heavy night but nothing appears. They then chil out together while recovering from a hangover but Tom wont forget about the man, he even suggests that maybe he was an illusion but Tom finds a note stating:

"Hi cats. Thanks. Thank you. Thanks for last night PTO"

And Linda belives his name is Peto. After a heated argument Linda and Tom both make up lies that they found a hair (pubic) in their beds then Tom suggests they should get drunk again to be in the same frame of mind as they previous night. Beryl mixes up some bloody mary and the three get drunk together. Beryl remarks that she saw the man but her strimmer was full blast so she didnt not hear him or see him. Beryl then phones a close friend, Renee, to analyse the handwriting on the note, Beryl then discovers :

"PTO Will be back tomorrow at lunchtime. See you then. Jez".

Tom realises that it meant P.T.O (Please Turn Over) but Linda states that he didnt put a dot inbetween each letter. Linda and Tom both sleep of the alcohol, while Beryl stays on their phone. The next day Linda has a head dress on for Jez while working on the phone and chatting up the clients. Tom then plays music while waiting for Jez to return and Tom remember that they were all partying together, then Jez arrives. Linda and Jez both try to appeal to Jez but he claims that they said he could move in but this is a prank. Suze then comes in and explains the whole story, that Jez got locked out and Suze was not home so Tom and Linda allowed Jez to stay the night on the sofa. Linda and Tom instantly dislike Suze, Linda also adds a voodoo barbie doll of Suze to her dressing table, next to Patsy (Kensit who was married to Liam Gallagher whom Linda loved). Tom and Linda are relaxing again but Linda is distracting Tom and eventually gets him to play some role play games, including The Bill & Casualty. Linda invents a new role play: Championship Boxing and she punches Tom in the face.


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