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A wiccaning is a Wiccan ceremony or ritual analogous to a christening or baptism for an infant which centers on the presentation of the infant to the God and Goddess for protection.


Wiccanings apply specifically to the Wiccan religion, but similar ceremonies also are celebrated in other Neopagan religions. In those cases, while the format may resemble Wiccaning, it is often referred to as a saining.


A wiccaning is a ritual that, in traditional paths of Wicca, the High Priest and High Priestess will present the infant to a God and Goddess[1].

In accordance with the importance put on free will in Wiccan traditions, the infant is not necessarily expected to choose a Pagan path for themselves when they grow older. In fact the ceremony, like it's Christian equivalent, is focused on the parents' beliefs and the family's communal commitment to look after the child[2] - thus the ceremonial request for protection.

A wiccaning is an opportunity for the parents to present their child to the five elements and ask a blessing or protection. Often both the child's legal name and the child's Wiccan (ceremonial) name are used[3]. This is until such time as the child chooses another Wiccan name for themselves, usually at a coming of age.




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