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Wickliffe Middle School shooting
Location Wickliffe, Ohio, United States
Date November 7, 1994 (EST)
Attack type School shooting
Weapon(s) 12 gauge shotgun
Death(s) 1
Injured 3
Perpetrator(s) Keith A. Ledeger

The Wickliffe Middle School shooting was a school shooting that occurred on November 7, 1994 at Wickliffe Middle School in Wickliffe, Ohio, United States. The gunman, 37-year-old Keith A. Ledeger, was a former student at Wickliffe Middle School. Ledeger shot and killed custodian Pete Christopher, as well as wounding the assistant principal, a police officer, and a teacher, before being stopped by an officer.

Ledeger was an alcoholic at the time of the shooting. He was seen walking into the school by a construction crew doing work on a nearby bank. They managed to call 911 before he entered the school which greatly reduced the number of casualties.

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