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Wikibooks logo from 2009 to the present
Detail of the Wikibooks main page. All major Wikibooks projects are listed by number of articles.
Screenshot of home page
Slogan Open books for an open world
Commercial? No
Type of site Textbooks wiki
Registration Optional
Available language(s) multilingual
Owner Wikimedia Foundation
Created by Karl Wick and the Wikimedia Community
Launched July 10, 2003
Alexa rank 2,348[1]
Current status Active

Wikibooks (previously called Wikimedia Free Textbook Project and Wikimedia-Textbooks) is a Wiki hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation for the creation of free content textbooks and annotated texts that anyone can edit.



Wikibooks was launched on July 10, 2003, in response to a request made by Wikipedia contributor Karl Wick for a project to host and build free textbooks on subjects such as organic chemistry and physics. Two major sub-projects, Wikijunior and Wikiversity, were created within Wikibooks before its official policy was later changed so that future incubator type projects are started according to the Wikimedia Foundation's new project policy. In August 2006, Wikiversity became an independent Wikimedia Foundation project.



Wikijunior is a subproject of Wikibooks that specializes in books for children. The project consists of both a magazine and a website, and is currently being developed in English, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. It is funded by a grant from the Beck Foundation.

Book content

Growth of the eight largest Wikibooks sites (by language), July 2003 – Jan 2008

While some books are original, others began as text copied over from other sources of free content textbooks found on the Internet. All of the site's content is covered by a Creative Commons license. This means that, as with its sister project, Wikipedia, contributions remain copyrighted to their creators, while the copyleft licensing ensures that the content will always remain freely distributable and reproducible.

Wikibooks differs from Wikisource in that content on Wikibooks is expected to be significantly changed by participants. Raw source documents such as the original text of Shakespearean plays are hosted on Wikisource instead.

The project is working towards completion of several textbooks in numerous human languages, which founders hope will be followed by mainstream adoption and use of text developed and housed there.

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Up to date as of January 23, 2010

From Wikibooks, the open-content textbooks collection

At Wikijunior, we are writing books for children.

Welcome to Wikijunior

The aim of this project is to produce age-appropriate non-fiction books for children from birth to age 12. These books are richly illustrated with photographs, diagrams, sketches, and original drawings. Wikijunior books are produced by a worldwide community of writers, teachers, students, and young people all working together. The books present factual information that is verifiable. You are invited to join in and write, edit, and rewrite each module and book to improve its content. Our books are distributed free of charge under the terms of the Gnu Free Documentation License.

Please see What is Wikijunior and meta:Wikijunior for more information about this project.

(Template) (Discuss) Search Wikijunior:

Current Titles

There are currently more than a dozen Wikijunior books and hundreds of modules within those books being readied for publication. For information on creating new titles see the New Title Policy. You can also help decide which title should be developed next by voting.

Ancient Civilizations Spine.png
Animal Alphabet Spine.png
Big Cats Spine.png
Bugs Spine.png
Dinosaurs Spine.png
Elements Spine.png
Geometry Spine.png
How Things Work Spine.png
Human Body Spine.png
Kings and Queens of England Spine.png
Languages Spine.png
Solar System Spine.png
South America Spine.png
US Charters of Freedom Spine.png

Discovery and Innovation

The Elements -- Fun Science Experiments -- How Things Work

The Natural World

Big Cats -- Bugs -- Dinosaurs -- Human Body -- Solar System

Our World of People

Ancient Civilizations -- Europe -- Kings and Queens of England -- Languages -- South America -- United States Charters of Freedom -- World at Work -- World War II

School Time

Geometry for Elementary School


Alphabet -- Animal Alphabet -- Colors -- Flower Alphabet -- Food Alphabet -- Numbers from 1 to 20

Additional Wikijunior Books are under development.

Just for KIDS

Wikijunior has some great books for you to read. But did you know that you can also help to write the books? If you know something about a subject and want to share it with other kids, just click on the link that says edit and type in what you want to say. It's that easy!



February 14, 2009

World War II is currently the New Book of the Quarter. Please help by contributing to the project.

See older news.

How to Help

It's easy to get started. Just click on an edit button and begin writing! We encourage you to be bold and edit articles.

Wikijunior is a collaborative project and there are many ways to help:

  • Help write articles and books.
  • Start a class project to write a book or article.
  • Tell us how we're doing on the talk page.
  • Fact-check an article.
  • Suggest a new book title.
  • Check articles for grammar, style and spelling.
  • Monitor recent changes to Wikijunior books for vandalism.

Featured Collaborations

New books are featured each quarter and each month several articles are highlighted.

WW2 Captured Flag.jpg
World War II

Explore the events of WWII.
Wikijunior: Current Book Collaboration

Please help to build this book.
Improve These Modules - Winter 2009-2010

The world's biggest country: help improve this book!

Solar System:Titan
The grooviest moon of Saturn

Everyone's favorite club tailed dino.

Not the sport but the insect - help improve this page

Please work to bring the modules up to publishable status.

edit this template

Help and Discussion

You can discuss the project at the Wikijunior meta talk page and the Wikibooks Reading room as well as the Wikijunior Talk page.

To chat about Wikijunior on IRC, use Freenode or join #wikijunior on Freenode.


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