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ABC Restaurant, Anyplace (Just turn right and levt). <-- Edit below this line. and has chairs and tables  edit

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Where did it all go?

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Aliens have landed in London: read the full report at

| And this ... Graffiti wall

Quick Facts
Capital Kim Jong Il Ville
Government dictatorship
Currency Kim (NKK)
Area 200,000something sq km
Population 9,445,567,890 (July 2099 est.)
Language Language1, Language2
Religion Religion1, Religion2
Electricity xxxV/yyHz (Z plug)
Calling Code +CC
Internet TLD .xx
Time Zone UTC +N

Country is in Region.


South Not much going on there

North this areas rocks.

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Many recommend this media source [] as a staple for tourism.


Jumbo Jet 747

By spaceship


By car

In Beijing it is really easy for people to travel around by car. Taxi's are in abundance and it is very easy to hire a car for a day. However, when taking a taxi always agree on a price before hand or ask the driver to turn on the meter.

By submarine

Snorkels provided. Image:Shark.jpg

By boat

Don't forget to bring a towel...

By bicycle

Avoide saddle sore

Renting a bike

Get around

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  • Waterfire (, (Downtown Providence along the river), [2]. Dusk-midnight. A piece of environmental art, it consists of up to 100 bonfires which float on the rivers which flow through the city accompanied by ambient music. Vendors, art and gondola rides. Within walking distance whether you enter the city by bus, train, or car (park in the residential areas of College Hill or the East Side). Check online schedule for cancellations. Free, suggested donation $5.  edit
  • ABC Restaurant, Anyplace. A restaurant which serves food and has chairs and tables  edit



  • Coffee milk, Available everywhere. Coffee milk is one of two major drinks in RI.  edit


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