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Format Teen drama
Created by Michael Piller
Christopher Teague
Starring Genevieve Cortese
Nicole Tubiola
Nana Visitor
Greg Serano
Micah Alberti
James Read
Ryan Sypek
Andrew Hoeft
Charlotte Salt
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 52 (List of episodes)
Location(s) New Mexico, United States
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel ABC Family
Original run June 20, 2005 (2005-06-20) – May 26, 2008 (2008-05-26)

Wildfire is an American television series that aired on ABC Family. The show premiered June 20, 2005; its fourth and final season ended on May 26, 2008.[1] All four seasons of the show can be streamed from Hulu. The theme song is titled "Morning Light" and is sung by the band Truman.



The show centers on the world of horse racing and a young girl named Kris Furillo who, after serving time in a juvenile detention facility, works as a stablehand and later a jockey at Raintree Farm. While at Raintree, Kris finds romance and competition with Raintree's rivals, the prestigious Davis Farm, all while rising to stardom in the racing world.

Main cast and characters

Kristine "Kris" Furillo (Genevieve Cortese
A jockey who formerly served time at Camp LaGrange, a correctional facility, for grand theft auto. She shares a special bond with Wildfire, a horse she saved from going to slaughter and helped turn into a champion racehorse.
Danielle "Dani" Davis (Nicole Tubiola
Daughter of Ken Davis, Sr. and Junior's younger half-sister. Dani formerly owned her own racing stable, but then took over as majority shareholder of Davis Farm after her father was indicted on fraud charges. She also runs her own veterinary clinic.
Jean Ritter (Nana Visitor
Matt and Todd's mother and the co-owner of Raintree Farm. Jean is a mentor and often a mother figure to Kris; she often bumps heads with Kris and her son, Matt, over Wildfire's training and how Raintree should be run.
Pablo Betart (Greg Serano
An ex-convict and respected horseman. Pablo discovered Kris's talent for horses and riding while working as a volunteer trainer at Camp LaGrange and brought her to work for the Ritters. He is co-owner of Wildfire with Jean Ritter and her son, Matt and was formerly Raintree's head trainer.
Matthew "Matt" Ritter (Micah Alberti
The oldest son of Jean, and Todd's older brother. He is co-owner of Raintree Farm along with his mother, inheriting his half of the farm's ownership when his grandfather (Jean's father), Henry Ritter, died. Early on, Matt wanted nothing to do with the "family business" of horses and racing, but came to discover he had a talent for training and conditioning Thoroughbreds and eventually took over as Raintree's head trainer.
Kenneth "Ken" Walter Davis, Sr. (James Read
Father of Dani and Junior. He made Davis Farms one of the most powerful racing operations in the country before losing control of it by being indicted on six counts of fraud, which forced him to leave David Farm and is assets to his children and, in a series of events, lost his role as majority shareholder to Dani. After being acquitted of all the charges, Ken bought back 46% of Davis Farms.
Kenneth Walter Davis "Junior" (Ryan Sypek
Son and namesake of Ken and older half-brother to Dani. He once owned a night club, but made a bet on his club's ownership with his former bookie, Bobby, and lost. He also dabbled in the sport of professional bull riding. Junior is constantly reluctant to take over the Davis Farm operation even though his father insists upon it, and even though Junior tries his hardest to break away from the "rich kid" stereotype, he loves his Porsche convertible. He and Kris marry in the last episode of the series.
Todd Ritter (Andrew Hoeft) 
The quirky, wise-beyond-his-years son of Jean, and Matt's younger brother. He is in high school and lives at Raintree Farm.
Gillian Parsons (Charlotte Salt
A rich heiress and a member of the racing board. She was a silent partner and co-owner of Davis Farm with Dani Davis, until Gillian sold her shares of the farm to a third-party corporation (which was, unbknowest to Gillian, was Ken Davis, Sr.). At one time, Gillian owned Wildfire's only offspring, a colt named Flame who was born before Wildfire became sterile.

Guest cast and characters

Name Character Name # of Appeared Episodes
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
Josh Berry Bart Blitzer 2 1 2
Shanna Collins Amber 5
Debrah Farentino Isabelle Matia-Faris 1 3
Maurizo Farhad Sheik Omar 4
Arye Gross Charlie Hewitt 6 5
Judy Herrera Leanne Diaz 1
Kieren Hutchison Kerry Connelly 10 1
Amy Jo Johnson Tina Sharp 4 2 1
Joe Lando Pete Ritter 2 4
Jason London Bobby 6 2 2
Scarlett McAlister Wendy Levy 2 2
Jonathan Murphy Calvin Handley 6
David Ramsay Dr. Noah Gleason 5
Ignacio Serricchio Jace Furillo 1
Amanda Seyfried Rebecca 5
John Terry Uncle Jesse 2 3
Kristy Vaughan Molly Blitzer 1 1
Robbie Washington Evan Garvey 3
Dennis Weaver Henry Ritter 5
Eric Winter R.J. Blake 5
Alicia Ziegler Laura Nichols 5


DVD releases

DVD Title is Release Date Number
of Discs
Number of
Wildfire: Season One February 7, 2006 4 13
Wildfire: Season Two November 6, 2007 3 13
Wildfire: Season Three March 3, 2008 3 13



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Wildfire (2005-) is a drama television show, airing on ABC Family, about an eighteen-year-old girl who, after serving time at a teen detention center, is given the opportunity to start a new life. Her talent with horses is recognized by a volunteer and local trainer, who arranges a job for her at a ranch.


Season 1

Pilot [1.1]

Junior: I want you to know that I'm an honorable man. I could've just waited five minutes and you would've been entirely...
Kris: Go home. If Pablo sees you...
Junior: Pablo's in his house. His light is on. I can see him from here.
Kris: What are you doing here?
Junior: I thought you'd might like to go to a hottub party with us.
Kris: Thanks. I don't have a suit.
Junior: Who said anything about suits?
Kris: Cute. I don't think so.
Junior: You're right. I'd rather be alone with you anyway.

Kris: You are so lucky you dont even know to live in a place like this I grew up in a four- plex behind a bowling alley.
Matt: Be carful what you wish for.
Kris: Oh come on you don't like it here?
Matt: When you've been mucking stalls your whole life, I mean when I'm done with school I'm outta here.
Kris: To do what?
Matt: Anything except the family business. I want to know what it's like outside of Freemont, California.
Kris: Yeah well, you might be disappointed.
Matt: Sounds like you've had some experience.
Kris: Yeah.

Kris: [to Jean] I've made some mistakes and I paid for them. I hope I don't have to keep paying for them my entire life.

Kris: [to Dani] What are you trying to do to me?

Amber: [after insulting Kris] I'm sorry, she totally freaked me out. I thought she was going to hit me!
Matt: I was going to hit you!

Kris: I swear, I will never kiss another boy again, ever!

Trust [1.2]

Dani: Don't you dare!
Junior: Or, you can call this whole thing with Kris an unfortunate misunderstanding.
[Pause, Dani looking shocked.]
Dani: I hate you.
Junior: I knew you'd understand.

Kris: Can you two stop it? Don't you get it, they could stick me with another parole violation and I could go back to LaGrange. I don't give a rat's ass about some Polly.
Junior: Molly.
Matt: Junior. Shut up.
Junior: I'm sorry Kris.

Kris: I wish I could tell him I didn't leave him.
Pablo: It's all about trust and you lost his, we all have.
Kris: Yeah, well it's a mean world and maybe he's right. Maybe you shouldn't trust everyone who gives you a carrot.

Jean: [waving Kris to sit down] No, no, no. You to. I want you to know I should fire you for what happened yesterday, but Junior Davis told me what his sister did to you.
Kris: I shouldn't have hit her.
Jean: Yeah, that's right.
Kris: I didn't know what else to do!
Jean: You come to me. It's hard for you to trust me, isn't it?
Kris:Yeah, it is.
Jean: Well you're just going to have to take a chance. I'm here. I'm telling you that. You got time. Your safe now Kris. OK, then, um... you've got some unpacking to do, right?
Kris: Right. Thank you.

Kris: Can I ride with you?
Junior: I was just about to ask if you wanted to drive.
Kris: You had to ask.

Junior: You are such a psycho, if he were so in love with you he wouldn't have dumped you.

Junior: For God Sake's, I'll keep my hands on the wheel.
Kris: You will, or I'll break both of your arms.

Mothers [1.3]

Kris: Hey. Thanks for getting Dani to drop the charges against me.
Junior: Anytime. I'm full of good deeds. You just have to ask.

Kris: Mom? Mom wait! Mom I'm sorry. Matt took the ring. I should have believed you.
Barb: Does that mean you're coming with me?
Kris: I can't -- I just -- Are you mad?
Barb: Mad? No. I'm a little hurt, I guess.

Dani: [to Sasha] Were those free with the tummy tuck and the lipo?

Bobby: The good news is I'm hosting a little soiree at my place tomorrow. Cocktails, swimming, hotties...
Matt: Whoo! Three of our favorite things.

Matt: What about Dani?
Junior: We can only hope her dark master calls her back to hell.

Danni: All work and no sex make Danni a dull girl.
Bobby: Girl, does your daddy even know where you are?

Guilty [1.4]

Kris: How is everything?
Matt: Great thanks, I'll meet you at the car.
Junior: Here you go, keep the change.
Kris: Whats this?
Junior: A tip.
Kris: Five dollars is a tip this is something different.
Junior: Yeah payment for the grief and the three dinners my sister sent back.
Kris: I'll get the change.

Dani: What's she doing here?
Junior: Waiting tables. Trying to decide whether to spit or put a dead cockroach in your salad.

Jean: I just wanna know what's in his [Matt's] mind.
Charlie: She's probably blonde and naked.

The Claiming Race [1.5]

Kris: So, you didn't want to?
Junior: No, you didn't.

Junior: What's the big deal? Go to a club. Spend some time together. Friends plus benefits.
Kris: I don't know.
Junior: One night of fun and romance. I guarantee you'll be back for more, and if not, no hard feelings.
Kris: Pick me up at 8:30.

Junior: So, back home to the wicked stepsisters?
Kris: Huh, not even.
Junior: Well just so you know, I put the claim in on Wildfire before we went out. Come on. Tell me I'm a great guy.
Kris: Yeah, you were a great[Leans over and kisses him passionatly]

Pablo: [to Jean] If Wildfire goes, I'm gonna follow.

Pablo: [referring to Wildfire] He's counter-suggestive.

Lost & Found [1.6]

Junior: This afternoon when you talked about your mom and those guys. And that, you said it wan't a secret. But it was. I know it bothered you.
Kris: Are you trying to be a smart ass?
Junior: NO!
Kris: What do you know?
Junior: I know, and you know why? Because I watch you. I have no idea what makes me do it, but every time you turn your head, anytime you laugh out loud, or lift your hand to drink a cup of coffee. Or the way your smile spreads from one side of your face to the other. I don't just watch, I see. And I saw your face when you said that stuff today. I know it hurt you. And thats your secret. I won't tell.
Kris: What's yours?
Junior: Isn't it obvious? I mean it, I see you.
Kris: Maybe, but we're alone in the woods in the dark. Your eyes play tricks on you.
[Junior shakes his head and they kiss]

[Kris hands Dani her jacket when she gets cold]
Dani: This doesn't mean we're friends.
Kris: Just put it on.

Dani: [to Junior] Were you really looking for horses, or did you just bring Kris to go skinny-dipping?

Charlie: [referring to Dani] She seems like a nice girl.
Jean: Yes, she "seems" like one.

Junior: Blistering sun pounding down on your head, branches slapping you in the face, mosquitos dive bombing every patch of exposed skin. What lucky soul gets to ride horse #2?
Matt: Kris
Junior: Can I come?

Kris: I have never seen a place like this before.
Junior: Mosquitos, dry heat, and dead grass?
Kris: You can say what you want. The grass isn't dead. I've seen it get green the minute that it rains.

The Track [1.7]

Dani: [to Kris] Ya know, I always thought my brother was a superficial dork. At least he's not superficial. He's a good guy.

Kris: You can't fake a mother like that.

Ely: Pay up today or something's gonna happen.
Matt: What's that supposed to mean?
Ely: I think you already know.

Matt: There's a chance it wasn't an accident.
Kris: Who would want to hurt Wildfire?
Matt: I have no idea. But it wouldn't be the first time a horse was poisoned at the track.

Matt: Next time you want something come after me.
Ely: What?
Matt: Leave my horse alone!
Ely: I don't know what you're talking about, I love horses.

Dani: Give me the phone or I'll post your PSAT scores on my blog.
Junior: What were they again?
Dani: 490 Math, 550 Verbal.

Pablo: I know Carlos. I watched him work with horses for four years. I don't care how mad he is. He's not going to hurt one.

Junior: Come on, it's just dinner.
Kris: It's never just dinner.

Junior: That was a great kiss.
Kris: Yeah, it was.

Kris: I have faith in you Matt. You're going down a bad path, but you're going to turn it around. I know it.

The Party [1.8]

Junior: A curse on Sweden.
Matt: What about all the hot blondes?
Junior: Not the hot blondes.

Junior: You have a great right hook.
Kris: That's because men are dogs.
Junior: All men are dogs?
Kris: Well, different breeds, same goal.

Kris: So when are you giving Elvis back his car?
Win: When he pries the keys from my cold, dead fingers...And believe me that won't be anytime soon.

Win: You live here?
Matt: Yeah. 'Til my mom finds out I threw this party.
Win: Good luck with that.

Kris: [After laughing with Junior about trying their relationship again] We're not good at this!
Junior: No.
Kris: We're better at this. [Grabs and kisses Junior]

Kris: I mean about Matt and you...
Junior: We're just friends. We've never kissed.

Matt: I think you should quit while you're behind.
Bobby: Hey, that's good advice. Maybe you should take it yourself.

Junior: Did she say he was a friend?
Matt: No, an old, old, old friend.

Dani: What sport do you play?
Evan: I don't know, is calculus a sport?

Junior: [to Matt] It takes a good son like you to enjoy wearing such a tight leash.

Junior: [to Kris] I think I'm in love with you.
Kris: You can't be we just met. You don't even know me.
Junior: But I can get to know you.

Identity [1.9]

Junior: You sure you don't want to go somewhere else?
Kris: [laughs] I have to get back but do you wanna hang out tomorrow?
Junior: Wait, you're asking me out?
Kris: Maybe...

Kris: [to Pablo and Jean] I'm sorry if that's not the future you guys want for me but that's what I want.

Matt: I'll do anything!
Jean: [crestfallen] I've heard that before...

Kris: Matt, you're a really good friend.
Matt: Do me a favor. Don't tell me that.

Henry: Kris isn't there.
Junior: I know, I've been knocking for five minutes!
Henry: She's in the hospital... took a bad spill.

Kris: You make me nervous!
Junior: So I do have an effect on you!

Tina: [to Kris] I hate to break it to you, but you're too old. I started [jockeying] when I was thirteen.

Dani: [to Evan] It's weird... I know more about this horse's mother than my own mother.

Junior: You love horses, Paris Hilton loves posing nude with small dogs.

Kris: Don't make this a big deal.
Matt: This is a big deal!

Tina Sharp [1.10]

Matt: Who's Luke Perry?
Dani: He was in the The Breakfast Club.
Matt: Oh.
Dani: Or Aerosmith.

Junior: Okay, there are probably gonna be some photographers here from Horse and Track, so get ready to smile.
Kris: Photographers? Like they're gonna care about us.
Junior: Come on. You're a hot young jock riding the horse whose life you saved. Plus, my dad owns the magazine...

Kris: Matt, is this thing between you and Tina for real or is it just a fling?
Matt: I don't know. What about you and Junior?
Kris: I don't do flings.

Kris: [to Tina] You know, I'm starting to get why you don't have any women friends.

Tina: [to Kris, about Junior and Matt] You win a couple races, you can have both of them and anybody else you want!

Evan: I think this is about something else.
Dani: All right. Like what?
Evan: You freaking out that your mother isn't a princess from Barcelona.

Dani: What'd you do, take a freakin' Tom Cruise pill?
Junior: Blame it on her. [pointing to Kris]

Dani: [to Junior] I just wanted someone... I could talk to... Of course, that's just stupid.

Kris: [to Tina] I'm not here for you! I'm here for him [Wildfire].

Impressions [1.11]

Dani: I'm going to find my mother. I don't care that you sent your lawyer to intimidate me into not looking for her. Did you forget about that? I didn't.
Ken Davis: Dani we have a guest.
Dani: Oh. This isn't a good time? Because I've been waiting two weeks and you haven't said a word.

Dani: [to Isabelle] Are you my mother?

Kris: [to Tina] ... but I'll never see things the same way as you!

Matt: You know, I'm sick of people riding my ass. You're not my dad.
Pablo: I know.

Junior: [to Kris] Welcome to the Davis "Family Circus."

Pablo: [to Tina] The best part was when I thought I'd never see you again.

Kris: What are you doing?
Tina: Hi! I'm putting on my game face.

Loyalty [1.12]

Kris: Why are you doing this to Matt?
Tina: I think it's actually what he's doing to me.
Kris: You know that's not what I mean, he cares about you.
Tina: Are you scared you're not going to get him back?
Kris: That's not what I'm saying.
Tina: No? Bring Wildfire out to the track when you're done, OK?

Kris: [to Junior, about having sex] Yeah. But not here. And there's a big rock under my back.

Pablo: Tina Sharp wins races 'cause she's passionate and has to prove something. They say fight fire with fire.

Tina: [to Matt, after kissing him goodbye] You're cute.

Charlie: [to Jean, about Matt & Tina] The more you hassle him, the more attractive she'll look.

Junior: [after sex] That was...
Kris: It was.

Junior: [after sex] What are you doing?
Kris: Remembering this.
Junior: But I'm still here.
Kris: You'd better be.

Junior: [to Kris, after she breaks up with him] I thought you loved me.
Kris: I... I do.

Season 2

Try it Without the Porsche! [2.1]

Dani: So is this what you mean by trying it without the Porsche?

Kris: [After seeing Junior alive] I thought you were dead... and the car... the car was!
Junior: Yeah, well, that's dead. Hey, It's a convertible, I landed it in the water. Look there's not a scratch on me, its me! [Grabs her hand and puts it to his face]
Kris:[slaps Junior] How could you do that to me? How could you do that to your sister, and to Matt?
Junior: Oh My God, are they going to slap me too!
Kris: Oh God! [Grabs him and hold him in her arms while crying.]

Opportunity Knocks [2.2]

Junior: [After kissing Kris] I miss you. Come over to my house for dinner. [Kris looks shocked] Ok. I'll see you at seven then. [Leans over and kisses her]

A Good Convict Is Hard to Find [2.3]


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