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Wildfire Motors is a company based in Steubenville, Ohio, specializing in the sales of scooters, motorcycles, ATVs and electric vehicles. The vehicles are manufactured in China and are distributed throughout the United States.

This distributor has ten cases under review with the Ohio Attorney General and 30 with the Better Business Bureau


Current Models


WF650-T and WF650-C

The Wildfire WF650-T is a three-wheeled truck. The Wildfire WF650-C is a three-wheeled hatchback sedan. Both are registered with the Department of Transportation as motorcycles. They are powered by a 650cc water cooled 4-stroke twin engine. The manufacturer states the vehicles get up to 60 miles per gallon[1][2], although some dealers have suggested 10-110 miles per gallon is a more realistic figure. Both vehicles are manufactured by Taixing Sandi Motorcycle Co Ltd.[3]

WF-120V Total Electric NEV and WF-72V

The WF-120V is a two-seat coupe manufactured by Shandong Huoyun Electric Car Co., Ltd, located in Zibo, China.[4] The WF-72V is a four-seat sedan manufactured by Shandong Pioneer Motorcycle Co., Ltd.[5] The WF-120 is powered by a 8.5 kilowatt, 120 volt AC motor. The WF-72V is powered by a 8.5 kilowatt, 72 volt, AC motor. The styling of the WF-120V seems to be a copy of the Smart, including lines in quarter panels where the Smart doors are supposed to close.[6] This appears to be a liability and the owner of the Smart design (Mercedes)[7] may force the manufacturer to stop import or take other legal action. As they are registered as neighborhood electric vehicles, both are programmed by the manufacturer not to exceed 25 miles per hour but can be adjusted to run up to 50 miles per hour.[8][9]

Previous Models

WF250-T and WF250-C

The WF250-T is a three-wheeled truck. The WF250-T is a three-wheeled hatchback sedan. Both were manufactured by Shandong Pioneer Motorcycle Co., Ltd, located in Jinan, China.[10][11]


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