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William Thomas Quick
Occupation Novelist
Nationality American

William Thomas "Bill" Quick, who sometimes writes under the pseudonym Margaret Allan,[1] is a science fiction author and self-described libertarian conservative blogger.[2] Quick is the author of 28 novels, the most famous of which is the cyberpunk Dreams of Flesh and Sand, and co-authored a six-novel series with William Shatner.

Quick runs the conservative blog Daily Pundit. Quick's usage of the term blogosphere initiated the popularity of the term.


Personal life

Quick is originally from Indiana and now lives in Hunters Point, San Francisco, California.[3]


Quick is the author of 28 novels, the most famous of which is Dreams of Flesh and Sand. He co-authored the six novel Quest for Tomorrow series with William Shatner. He has also written a series of prehistoric adventure novels under the pen name Margaret Allan, the best selling of which was The Last Mammoth.

Blog "Daily Pundit"

Quick runs the conservative blog Daily Pundit. Quick claims to have coined the term blogosphere in 2002.[4] The term was actually coined by Brad L. Graham in 1999[5]; however, Graham didn't seriously intend the term to describe the blogosphere, but rather offered the term for ridicule. It was Quick's usage which initiated the popularity of the term.

In February 2007, in the context of debunking allegations made by writers at Media Matters[6] and[7] suggesting that stories of United States Armed Forces personnel being spit on upon their return from service during the Vietnam War were merely urban myths,[8] Quick himself admitted his regrets about personally perpetrating such an incident.[9] Quick noted this was during a time he considered himself to be an "America-hating asshole and a coward," and that he since then "learned to feel regret for my shameful actions then."[10]

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