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Wills Mountain
2WillsMtn. edited.jpg
Wills Mountain in Pennsylvania
Elevation 2,790 feet (850 m) [1]
Location Bedford County, Pennsylvania / Allegany County, Maryland, USA
Range Allegheny Mountains, part of the Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians
Prominence 1,440 feet (440 m) [2]
Coordinates 39°50.757′N 78°40.925′W / 39.84595°N 78.682083°W / 39.84595; -78.682083Coordinates: 39°50.757′N 78°40.925′W / 39.84595°N 78.682083°W / 39.84595; -78.682083
Topo map USGS Hyndman (PA) Quadrangle
Easiest route jeep trail

Wills Mountain is a ridge of the Allegheny Mountains, part of the Appalachian Mountain Range, in Pennsylvania and Maryland, USA.





In Pennsylvania, Wills Mountain is located in Bedford County, and reaches an elevation of 2,782 ft (848 m) above sea level. Although there are mountains in the Commonwealth which are higher, Wills Mountain is the highest in Pennsylvania's Ridge and Valley Appalachians province. Wills Mountain may have the highest prominence in Pennsylvania. As the mountain ridge runs north it abruptly ends at Kinton Knob, at 2,560 ft (780 m) above sea level, just outside the town of Bedford. The valley to the south of Kinton Knob is known as Milligans Cove. Geologically, this valley is an excellent example of a breached anticline.

Portions of Wills, including the summit, are located in Pennsylvania State Game Lands No.48. Access to the mountain is limited. Jeep trails and a gravel road are all that is on the ridge. The summit, like Martin Hill, has no towers or transmitters. However; access to the summit is difficult and requires a hike of over 1,800 ft (550 m) to get there.

Wills Mountain (center of photo)as viewed from the air.
Wills Mountain at night facing west from Rt 220 south of Bedford, PA.


Wills Mountain is located in Allegany County, Maryland. It starts 1/2 mile west of the mouth of Warrior Run and runs northeasterly into Pennsylvania; Its highest elevation in Maryland is 1,877 feet (572 m).

The south end of Wills Mountain is located at Cumberland Narrows, and the rocky outcropping at the top is known as Lover's Leap. This valley was carved into Wills Mountain by Wills Creek over millions of years. Haystack Mountain is on the south side of Cumberland Narrows. Geologically, the two mountains are equivalent.

Wills Mountain and the Cumberland Narrows acts as a physical western gateway to the city of Cumberland, Maryland; placing the city against the backdrop of the mountains and the narrows valley.


  1. ^ Summit elevation between 2,780 and 2,800 ft.
  2. ^ Key col elevation between 1,340 and 1,360 ft at 39°56.39′N 78°39.1′W / 39.93983°N 78.6517°W / 39.93983; -78.6517.
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