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There are several wind power projects operating in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and several future wind farms planned or under construction. The most productive wind energy regions generally fall in mountain or coastal terrains. The northern portion of the Appalachian chain, including most of Southwestern Pennsylvania, is one of the areas with the highest potential for wind energy in the Eastern United States. The mountain ridges of central and northeastern Pennsylvania, including the Poconos in the eastern part of the state, offer some of the best wind resources in the region.[1]

If all the wind energy potential was developed in Pennsylvania with utility-scale wind turbines, the power produced each year would equal 38,000,000 megawatt-hours - or 30% of the entire state's electricity consumption.[2] As of 2008, Pennsylvania ranks 15th in the nation in the production of wind power.[3] The 12 wind projects currently operating in Pennsylvania have an installed capacity of 462.6 MW and generate about 1,215,713 megawatt-hours of clean electricity each year. That's enough to power nearly 135,079 homes.[4]

In 2006, Pennsylvania's legislature ruled that wind turbines and related equipment may not be included in property-tax assessments. Instead, the sites of wind facilities are assessed for their income-capitalization value.[3]

In 2007, Montgomery County became the first wind-powered county in the nation, with a two-year commitment to buy 100 percent of its electricity from a combination of wind energy and renewable energy credits derived from wind energy.[3]

In 2009, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency honored Swarthmore, Pennsylvania as a Green Power Community, — the only one in the Eastern United States, for its commitment to buy clean energy generated from wind turbines in mountainous region of western Pennsylvania.[5]

Many smaller wind farms in Pennsylvania are operated by NextEra Energy Resources, based in Florida.[6]


Wind farms

Name Turbines Capacity
Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm 40 80 210,240[4] Blair and
2007 operating
Allegheny Ridge II 35 70 unknown Blair and
2010 construction
Armenia Mountain Wind Farm 67 101 unknown Tioga and
2010[7] operating
Bear Creek Wind Power Project 12 24 70,000[8] Luzerne 2006 operating
Broad Mountain Wind Energy Center 8 16 unknown Schuylkill 2010 planned
Casselman Wind Power Project 23 34.5 90,666[4] Somerset 2007 operational
Chestnut Flats Wind Farm 19 38 unknown Blair and
2010 planned
South Chestnut Wind Project 23 46 unknown Fayette 2010 planned
Forward Wind Project 14 29.4 77,263[4] Somerset 2008 operational
Green Mountain Wind Energy Center 8 10.4 27,331[4] Somerset 2000 operating
Highland Wind Project 25 62.5 unknown Cambria 2009 operating
Locust Ridge I 13 26 68,328[9] Schuylkill 2004 operating
Locust Ridge II 51 102 268,056[4][10] Columbia and
2008 operating
Lookout Wind Project 18 37.8 99,338[4] Somerset 2008 operational
Meyersdale Wind Power Project 20 30 78,840[4] Somerset 2003 operating
Mill Run Wind Energy Center 10 15 39,420[4] Fayette 2001 operating
Somerset Wind Farm 6 9 23,652[4] Somerset 2001 operating
Waymart Wind Farm 43 64.5 169,506[4][11] Wayne 2003 operating

Location map

Wind power projects in Pennsylvania
  Green pog.svg Operating
  Blue pog.svg Under construction
  Purple pog.svg Proposed
  Black pog.svg Canceled or decommissioned

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