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Windows Phone 7 Series
Windows Phone logo
The Start screen of Windows Phone 7 Series
The Start screen in Windows Phone 7 Series.
Company / developer Microsoft Corporation
Working state In development
License Proprietary (Microsoft EULA)
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Windows Phone 7 Series is an upcoming version of the Windows Phone operating system developed by Microsoft. It is planned for release by "holiday" 2010.[1][2][3]

Windows Phone 7 Series was initially intended to be released during 2009, but several delays prompted Microsoft to develop Windows Mobile 6.5 as an interim release.[4] During the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Microsoft revealed details of Windows Phone 7 Series, which features a new operating system and integration with Xbox Live and Zune services.


User Interface

The interface, known as "Metro", has been completely revised and is visually similar to the interface of the Zune HD. Microsoft has redesigned the home screen, using "tiles" which scroll vertically and can be customized as quick launches, links to contacts, or self contained widgets.[5] Tiles are dynamic and update in real time. Contents are organized via "hubs" which combine both local and online content. Windows Phone 7 will have more friendly touchscreen UI with multitouch technology. A Zune-style user experience, Xbox Live and social networking apps will be integrated. The OS does not support multitasking for 3rd party applications[6] or copy & paste.[6]

Hardware Requirements

Microsoft has said that it is issuing "tough, but fair" hardware requirements to manufacturers. All Windows Phone 7 Series devices will feature five specific hardware buttons (Start, back, Bing search, camera, and power)[7] and FM Radio capabilities.[8] Other requirements include a capacitive, 800-by-480 4-point multitouch display, compass, and accelerometer.[9] OEMs can choose whether or not to include a physical keyboard.[9]



It was initially rumored that some Windows Phones, running Windows Mobile 6.5.x, would be upgradeable to Windows Phone 7 Series[10], however, Microsoft's General Manager for Mobile Communication in Asia, Natasha Kwan, has been quoted saying that this will not be possible since no phones currently available meet all of the hardware requirements.[11]

Other articles have stated that Microsoft has yet to confirm or deny that upgrading will be possible, given the strength of the HTC HD2 and possible customer backlash for fear that the company is showing signs of abandoning the 6.x operating systems.[12] However, Ms. Kwan specifically states that the HD2 will not be eligible due to the buttons requirement; the HD2 has five buttons but no dedicated camera or search buttons.

App Development

Windows Phone 7 application development will be based on Silverlight, XNA, and .NET Compact Framework.[13][14] The primary tools used for development will be Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend.[14] More details about app development for Windows Phone 7 series is expected to be released at the MIX10 conference on March 15th 2010.[15]

Windows Phone 7 Series will only run applications that have first been approved by Microsoft and will only be available via the Windows Mobile Marketplace. [16]


Andy Lees, Microsoft's senior vice president of mobile communications, confirmed in an interview that the version of Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Phone 7 Series would not support Adobe Flash for performance reasons.[17] He also stated that the browser is "halfway between IE7 and IE8 rendering engine."[17] Its web browser will be a modified version of Internet Explorer 7, rather than the newer IE9.[18] In addition, Microsoft's Silverlight technology will not work from within the Internet Explorer web browser.[6]


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