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Winsome Witch is a television series produced by Hanna Barbera Studios. It aired alongside Secret Squirrel and Squiddly Diddly on The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show.



Winsome W. Witch (voiced by Jean Vander Pyl whose character is also called "Winnie") is a friendly, yet somewhat inept, witch. Winnie's catch phrase when casting a spell was "Ippity - Pippity - Pow!" (when the magic spell conjures, the Jet Screamer entrance cue from The Jetsons, is heard). She often flies around on a broom that happens to be magically alive.


Season One

  1. Have Broom Will Travel
  2. Prince of a Pup
  3. Operation Broom Switch
  4. The Hansel and Gretel Case
  5. The Little Big League
  6. Schoolteacher Winnie
  7. Good Red Riding Hood
  8. Winnie's Baby
  9. How Now Cinderella
  10. Have Broom Will Zoom
  11. Winnie the Sheriff
  12. Welcome Wagging
  13. Shoo Spy
  14. Hollywood or Busted
  15. Wolfcraft Vs. Witchcraft
  16. Tallyho the Hunter
  17. Witch Hitch
  18. Ugly Duckling Trouble
  19. Witch Witch is Witch

Season Two

  1. Good Little Scout
  2. Potluck
  3. Pussycat-Man
  4. Sheriff Winnie
  5. Wee Winnie Witch
  6. Sea-Dogged
  7. Wild Wild Witch


Other Appearances

Winsome Witch appeared in the Fender Bender 500 segment of Wake, Rattle, and Roll. She is shown to have a cat named Lucky (voiced by Don Messick) as her driving partner where she drives a cauldren-modeled monster truck called the Sonic Broom which also has on it a talking skeleton named Axel (voiced by Neil Ross).

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