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A winter sport is a sport commonly played during winter. As a formal term, it refers to a sport played on snow or ice;[1] informally, it can refer to sports played in winter that are also played year-round, such as basketball. The main winter sports are ice hockey and figure skating, sledding events, such as luge, skeleton, and bobsleigh, skiing (Alpine and Nordic) and snowboarding. Other common winter sports include skiboarding, monoskiing, skwal, and snowmobiling.


List of winter sports

Note: an asterisk indicates that a particular sport is included in the Winter Olympic Games, as of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.


Ice skating



Sports that use sleds going down ice tracks or pulled by something:



  • free style
  • snow-cross
  • recreation
  • cross country
  • hill climbing

Recreational sports

Some 'sports' are competed (or simply enjoyed) on a more casual basis, often by children:

Team sports

Notable Winter sport resort regions

Notable Winter sporting events

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