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Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Produced by Rainbow S.p.A.
Written by Iginio Straffi
Sean Molyneaux
Starring Italian:
Letizia Ciampa
Perla Liberatori
Domitilla D'Amico
Ilaria Latini
Gemma Donati
Laura Lenghi
Liza Jacqueline
Caren Manuel
Kerry Williams
Lisa Ortiz
Rebecca Soler
Vasthy Mompoint
Music by Paolo Baglio
Release date(s) November 30, 2007 (Italy)
Running time 85 min.
Country  Italy
Language Italian

Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom (Italian: Winx Club - Il Segreto Del Regno Perduto) is an Italian CGI animated feature film, based on the television series Winx Club, taking place after the events of the third season. The film had premiere on November 30, 2007 in Italian cinemas.

Rainbow S.p.A. offered the film to the Cannes Film Festival in 2007.[1] Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia sings the film's theme song, "All the Magic".[2] The movie was released on DVD in Italy in early March 2008.

Straffi has noted that it was difficult to animate the girls' hair correctly in 3D.[3]



The story begins sometime after the third season with Valtor defeated and the magical dimension safe for the time being. Bloom and her friends go on a search for Bloom's parents, Oritel and Miriam, while trying to uncover the secret of the lost kingdom of Domino (Sparx in the American version) which could change Bloom's life forever. The girls seek out Hogen, a blacksmith who forged the Sword of King Oritel which is said to be inseparable from its owner. The girls are forced to battle Hogen's robot guards but Bloom is able to defeat them. Hogen then holds Bloom at swordpoint but Faragonda arrives in time to stop him. At Alfea, Bloom asks Hogen if he can sense the sword that he forged for her father. Hagen states that he has been searching for the sword but has not sensed it. He tells her that he cannot help her in any way. Bloom runs off in tears. She goes to the top of the castle where she can watch the graudation ceremony. There, she befriends a small cat whom she names Ron. Sadly, she sees her friends become Guardian Fairies (a form where they become strong enough to protect their planets) and graduate. Sky appears and comforts her but she is still disappointed that she will never find her real parents. That night, there is a party and Bloom dances with Sky on the grounds. Unfortunately, a ship arrives and Sky is forced to leave. As he goes, he promises that he will explain everything. The girls party together for the last time. The next morning, Bloom leaves for Earth to stay with her adoptive parents. Though she seems happy, Vanessa feels that Bloom is uncomfortable living on Earth. One night, Bloom sees in a dream what happened to her parents. Her father was pulled into another dimension by the Ancestral witches while her mother absorbed herself into the sword in order to be with him. Daphne then appears and gives Bloom her mask, telling her it will help her see Domino before it was destroyed. She also tells her about the book of fate, a tome their father kept that told the history of Domino. Daphne gives Bloom its location before she vanishes, telling Bloom that she is not alone. In the morning, Bloom is surprised to see all her friends plus Sky there to celebrate her birthday. Bloom tells them her plan and they all agree to help her. They head to Domino where Bloom wears the mask and finds that Domino was actually a beautiful place. The group head towards the mountains where the book is hidden but Tecna tells them that a legendary bird named the Roc is guarding the library. The boys climb the mountain but thanks to Sky and Riven's arguing, the Roc awakens and flies off with the guys hanging on for dear life. The girsl run to the ship and manage to calm the bird and let it land. Inside the library, they meet Bartelby, Oritel's scribe in ghost form, who shows them the book of fate. In it, they discover that Oritel as well as all the people of Domino are trapped in a horrible dimension. Meanwhile, Riven is bitten by Mandragora's spy bug and becomes her puppet. Soon after, Alfea is attacked by Mandragora but the Winx and Faragonda are able to stop her. Bloom hears Faragonda mention the Obsidian dimension and realizes that that is where her parents are imprisoned. Just before they leave, Bloom looks at the book of fate and is shocked to see her parents wedding photo turn into a picture of her and Sky at the altar. The group head to Pixie Village where they enter the tree of portals. Only Bloom stays behind as she cannot become smaller. Unfortunately, Jolly triggers an explosion inside the tree which causes the keys to become jumbled. Thankfully, Lockette finds the correct key and they all head to the gateway to the Obsidian dimension. As the girls enter, Mandragora appears and Riven begins to battle Sky. As he is about to stab him, Musa jumps in front of him and is injured. Riven sees what he has done and recalls all that they have been threw. He lifts her up and tells her that he now knows what he must fight for-her. In Obsidian, the girls battle their greatest fears but survive. Next, Bloom sees a figure of stone that looks like her father. To her horror, the Ancestral Witches tell her that the figure is her father frozen in stone. The witches force her to make a choice between destroying the sword and saving her Earth parents or taking the sword and letting Mandragora kill them. Luckily, Bloom sees that in the image, her father is not sneezing as he pets Ron and realizes that it is a trick. Sky arrives moments later and takes the sword but supposedly dies as he is not a king and only a king can take the sword. Feeling all alone, Bloom is ready to give up when Daphne appears and reminds her that she is never alone. Bloom wears the mask and Daphne joins with her to destroy the witches. Suddenly, Sky wakes up and helps destroy the Obsidian dimension, freeing the people of Domino, restroing Domino and placing Miriam back in human form. Sky explains that he is now King of Eraklyon and that his coronation was the day he left. Domino is restored and Bloom is finally reunited with her birth parents. There is a party afterwards where Oritel and Miriam promise Bloom that they will be around for the rest of her life. Mike and Vanessa are there too and Bloom hugs them affectionately. Oritel begins the traditional father-daughter dance but lets Bloom dance with Sky. As they whole group dances, Sky swings by Brandon and Stella and takes a beautiful blue and silver box from Brandon. Moving away, Sky shows her a diamond ring. Leaning down, he whispers quietly to Bloom, asking her if she will marry him. Happier than ever, Bloom accepts and kisses him passionately. Bartelby then appears by the book of fate, telling the audience that the prophecy has been fulfilled and there is a new Company of Light- The Winx. However, the three Ancestral Witches have not been destroyed. Instead, they were freed and are finding new bodies to take over and destroy the Winx. They are shown with their descendants, the Trix, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy, cackling madly, which could imply that they have taken over their bodies.


Italian Voices

Character Voice
Bloom/Tune Letizia Ciampa
Stella/Chatta/Zing Perla Liberatori
Flora/Amore Ilaria Latini
Musa/Digit Gemma Donati
Tecna/Livy/Glim/Piff Domitilla D'Amico
Layla/Lockette Laura Lenghi
Prince Sky Alessandro Quarta
Brandon Massimiliano Alto
Helia Francesco Pezzulli
Riven Mirko Mazzanti
Timmy Corrado Conforti
Nabu Sasha De Toni

Worldwide Release Dates

Foreign Titles

  • Winx Club - Il Segreto del Regno Perduto (Italy)
  • Winx Club - Das Geheimnis des Verlorenen Königreichs (Germany)
  • Winx Club - El Secreto del Reino Perdido (Spain)
  • Winx Club - Kayip Kralligin Sirri (Turkey)
  • Winx Club - Salaisuuksien Linna (Finland)
  • Winx Club - Het Geheim van het Verloren Rijk (Netherlands)
  • Winx Club - Secretul Regatului Pierdut (Romania)
  • Winx Club - O Segreto do Reino Perdido (Portugues)
  • Winx Club - Le secret du royaume perdu (France)
  • Winx Club - Secret of the Lost Kingdom (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland)
  • Winx Club - Paslaptis prarastas karalystė (Lithuania)
  • Winx Club - Ang lihim ng nawalang kaharian (Philippines)
  • Winx Club - Το μυστικό του χαμένου βασιλείου (Greece)
  • Школа волшебниц - Секрет потерянного царствa (Russia)
  • Winx Club - Hemligheten med det förlorade riket (Sweden)
  • Winx Club - Hemmeligheden bag den tabte kongerige (Denmark)
  • Winx Club - Hemmeligheten bak den tapte riket (Norway)
  • Winx Club - Kadunud kuningriigi saladus(Estonia)
  • Winx Club - Tajna izgubljenog kraljevstva (Croatia)
  • Winx Club - A titok, az elveszett királyság (Hungary)
  • Winx Club - Tajemství ztracené říše (Czech Republic)
  • Winx Club - Tajomstvo stratené ríše (Slovakia)
  • Winx Club - Rahasia kerajaan yang hilang (Indonesia)
  • Winx Club - Tajemnica Zaginionego Królestwa (Poland)
  • ウィンクスクラブ - 失われた王国の秘密: Uinkusu Kurabu - Ushinawa Reta Oukoku no Himitsu (Japan)
  • מועדון הווינקX - דיבוב לעברית (Israel)
  • Winx Club - Sekreti i Mbreterise se Humbur (Albania)
  • Уинкс клуб - Тайната на изгубеното кралство (Bulgaria)


Dancers dressed as the Winx Club posing at the Rome FilmFest.

A live action dance show was performed to promote the film at the 2007 Rome FilmFest.[4] In the first week of showing, the film was distributed in 665 cinemas and had 420,000 viewers. It received 1,979,972 euros ($3,074,695.84 US), this is the biggest opening for an animated film in Italy.[5] It has reached five million euros in revenue.[6] It was released on DVD in Italy in March 2008, with an Italian soundtrack; the German release offers a choice of German and English.

Reception and criticism

Hollywood Reporter regards the message of the film as simplistic, and feels the main attraction in the film is the fashionable fairies' outfits.[7]


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Country Release Date
 Australia November 17, 2009
 Belgium March 26, 2008
 France April 2, 2008
 Germany September 4, 2008
 Israel July 17, 2008
 Italy November 30, 2007
 Netherlands April 16, 2008
 Poland December 5, 2008
 Singapore November 20, 2008
 Spain December 19, 2008
 Turkey February 22, 2008

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