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Wisconsin's 1st congressional district
District map as of 2002
District map as of 2002
Current Representative Paul Ryan (R)
Area 1,679.95 mi²
Distribution 84.13% urban, 15.87% rural
Population (2000) 670,458
Median income $50,372
Ethnicity 90.1% White, 4.7% Black, 1.0% Asian, 5.7% Hispanic, 0.3% Native American, 0.3% other
Occupation 27.4% blue collar, 57.7% white collar, 14.9% gray collar
Cook PVI R + 2

Wisconsin's 1st congressional district is a congressional district of the United States House of Representatives in southeastern Wisconsin, covering Kenosha County, Racine County and most of Walworth County, as well as portions of Rock County, Waukesha County and Milwaukee County[1]. The district's current Representative is Republican Paul Ryan.

A swing district, George W. Bush carried the district in 2004 with 53% of the vote but the district narrowly voted for Barack Obama over John McCain in 2008, 51.40-47.45%.


Representative Party Years Notes
Charles Durkee Free Soil Party 1849-03-04-1853-03-03
Daniel Wells, Jr. Democratic 1853-03-04-1857-03-03
John F. Potter Republican 1857-03-04-1863-03-03
James S. Brown Democratic 1863-03-04-1865-03-03
Halbert E. Paine Republican 1865-03-04-1871-03-03
Alexander Mitchell Democratic 1871-03-04-1873-03-03
Charles G. Williams Republican 1873-03-04-1883-03-03
John Winans Democratic 1883-03-04-1885-03-03
Lucien Caswell Republican 1885-03-04-1891-03-03
Clinton Babbitt Democratic 1891-03-04-1893-03-03
Henry A. Cooper Republican 1893-03-04-1919-03-03
Clifford E. Randall Republican 1919-03-04-1921-03-03
Henry A. Cooper Republican 1921-03-04-1931-03-01
Vacant 1931-03-01-1931-10-13
Thomas R. Amlie Republican 1931-10-13-1933-03-03 Amlie won a special election following Cooper's death.[2]
George Washington Blanchard Republican 1933-03-04-1935-01-03
Thomas R. Amlie Progressive 1935-01-03-1939-01-03
Stephen Bolles Republican 1939-01-04-1941-07-08
Vacant 1941-07-08-1941-08-29
Lawrence H. Smith Republican 1941-08-29-1958-01-22 Smith won a special election following Bolles' death.[3]
Vacant 1958-01-22-1959-01-03
Gerald T. Flynn Democratic 1959-01-03-1961-01-03
Henry C. Schadeberg Republican 1961-01-03-1965-01-03
Lynn E. Stalbaum Democratic 1965-01-03-1967-01-03
Henry C. Schadeberg Republican 1967-01-03-1971-01-03
Les Aspin Democratic 1971-01-03-1993-01-20
Vacant 1993-01-20-1993-05-04
Peter W. Barca Democratic 1993-05-04-1995-01-03 Barca won a special election after Aspin resigned to become Secretary of Defense.[4]
Mark Neumann Republican 1995-01-03-1999-01-03
Paul Ryan Republican 1999-01-03-present


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