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Wisconsin's 2nd congressional district
District map as of 2002
District map as of 2002
Current Representative Tammy Baldwin (D)
Area 3,511.41 mi²
Distribution 75.65% urban, 24.35% rural
Population (2000) 670,457
Median income $46,976
Ethnicity 90.6% White, 3.6% Black, 2.4% Asian, 3.4% Hispanic, 0.4% Native American, 0.4% other
Occupation 15.4% blue collar, 64.8% white collar, 19.8% gray collar
Cook PVI D + 15

Wisconsin's 2nd congressional district is a congressional district of the United States House of Representatives in southern Wisconsin, covering Dane County, Green County and Columbia County, as well as portions of Jefferson County, Sauk County, Rock County and a small region of Walworth County[1]. The district includes left-leaning Madison, the state's capital, its suburbs and some of the surrounding areas.

The district is currently represented by Tammy Baldwin, a Democrat who is also the only lesbian and one of three openly gay members in the U.S. House of Representatives.

A Democratic stronghold, John Kerry won the district in 2004 with 62% of the vote. Barack Obama also swept the district in 2008 with 69% of the vote to John McCain's 30%.


Representative Party Date Note
Orsamus Cole Whig 1849-03-04-1851-03-03
Ben C. Eastman Democratic 1851-03-04-1855-03-03
Cadwallader C. Washburn Republican 1855-03-04-1861-03-03
Luther Hanchett Republican 1861-03-04-1862-11-24
Vacant 1862-11-24-1863-01-26
Walter D. McIndoe Republican 1863-01-26-1863-03-03 McIndoe won a special election following Hanchett's death.
Ithamar Sloan Republican 1863-03-04-1867-03-03
Benjamin F. Hopkins Republican 1867-03-04-1870-01-01
Vacant 1870-01-01-1870-02-23
David Atwood Republican 1870-02-23-1871-03-03 Atwood won a special election following Hopkins' death.
Gerry Whiting Hazelton Republican 1871-03-04-1875-03-03
Lucien B. Caswell Republican 1875-03-04-1883-03-03
Daniel H. Sumner Republican 1883-03-04-1885-03-03
Edward S. Bragg Democratic 1885-03-04-1887-03-03
Richard W. Guenther Republican 1887-03-04-1889-03-03
Charles Barwig Democratic 1889-03-04-1895-03-03
Edward Sauerhering Republican 1895-03-04-1899-03-03
Herman B. Dahle Republican 1899-03-04-1903-03-03
Henry Cullen Adams Republican 1903-03-04-1906-07-09
Vacant 1906-07-09-1906-09-04
John M. Nelson Republican 1906-09-04-1913-03-03
Michael E. Burke Democratic 1913-03-04-1917-03-03
Edward Voigt Republican 1917-03-04-1927-03-03
Charles A. Kading Republican 1927-03-04-1933-03-03
Charles W. Henney Democratic 1933-03-04-1935-01-03
Harry Sauthoff Progressive 1935-01-03-1939-01-03
Charles Hawks, Jr. Republican 1939-01-03-1941-01-03
Harry Sauthoff Progressive 1941-01-03-1945-01-03
Robert Kirkland Henry Republican 1945-01-03-1946-11-20 Henry died weeks after being elected to a second term.
Vacant 1946-11-20-1947-04-22
Glenn Robert Davis Republican 1947-04-22-1957-01-03 Davis won a special election following Henry's death.
Donald Edgar Tewes Republican 1957-01-03-1959-01-03
Robert Kastenmeier Democratic 1959-01-03-1991-01-03
Scott L. Klug Republican 1991-01-03-1999-01-03
Tammy Baldwin Democratic 1999-01-03-present

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