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Wisconsin's 3rd congressional district
District map as of 2002
District map as of 2002
Current Representative Ron Kind (D)
Area 13,565.50 mi²
Distribution 43.15% urban, 56.85% rural
Population (2000) 670,462
Median income $40,006
Ethnicity 96.6% White, 0.5% Black, 1.2% Asian, 0.9% Hispanic, 0.6% Native American, 0.2% other
Occupation 27.8% blue collar, 53.6% white collar, 18.6% gray collar
Cook PVI D + 4

Wisconsin's 3rd congressional district is a U.S. congressional district covering much of southwestern and western Wisconsin; it is the second-largest congressional district by area in Wisconsin.[1] The district includes the cities of La Crosse and Eau Claire and part or all of the following counties: Buffalo, Clark, Crawford, Dunn, Eau Claire, Grant, Iowa, Jackson, Juneau La Crosse, Lafayette, Monroe, Pepin, Pierce, Richland, Saint Croix, Sauk, Trempealeau, and Vernon. It borders the states of Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. Democrat Ron Kind has represented the district since 1997.

The political nature of the district is moderate with a slight lean to the left, given its combination of an overall rural and suburban character counterbalanced by two significant urban centers (Eau Claire and La Crosse), as well as its proximity to Minneapolis and St. Paul. John Kerry narrowly carried the district in 2004 with 51% of the vote. The district voted more Democratic in 2008, giving Barack Obama 58% of the vote and 41% to John McCain.

In the television show The West Wing, the district is represented by Earl Katzenmoyer.


Representative Party Years Note
James Duane Doty Democratic 1849-03-04-1853-03-03
John B. Macy Democratic 1853-03-04-1855-03-03
Charles Billinghurst Opposition 1855-03-04-1857-03-03
Republican 1855-03-04-1857-03-03
Charles H. Larrabee Democratic 1859-03-04-1861-03-03
A. Scott Sloan Republican 1861-03-04-1863-03-03
Amasa Cobb Republican 1863-03-04-1871-03-03
J. Allen Barber Republican 1871-03-04-1875-03-03
Henry S. Magoon Republican 1875-03-04-1877-03-03
George Cochrane Hazelton Republican 1877-03-04-1883-03-03
Burr W. Jones Democratic 1883-03-04-1885-03-03
Robert M. La Follette, Sr. Republican 1885-03-04-1891-03-03
Allen R. Bushnell Democratic 1891-03-04-1893-03-03
Joseph W. Babcock Republican 1893-03-04-1907-03-03
James William Murphy Democratic 1907-03-04-1909-03-03
Arthur W. Kopp Republican 1909-03-04-1913-03-03
John M. Nelson Republican 1913-03-04-1919-03-03
James G. Monahan Republican 1919-03-04-1921-03-03
John M. Nelson Republican 1921-03-04-1933-03-03
Gardner R. Withrow Progressive 1933-03-04-1939-01-03
Harry W. Griswold Republican 1939-01-03-1939-07-04
Vacant 1939-07-04-1941-01-03 Griswold's death left a vacancy that was not filled until the 77th Congress.
William H. Stevenson Republican 1941-01-03-1949-01-03
Gardner R. Withrow Republican 1949-01-03-1961-01-03
Vernon Wallace Thomson Republican 1961-01-03-1975-01-03
Alvin Baldus Democratic 1975-01-03-1981-01-03
Steve Gunderson Republican 1981-01-03-1997-01-03
Ron Kind Democratic 1997-01-03-present


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