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Wish You Were Here

"Wish You Were Here" (DVD)
Directed by David Leland
Produced by Sarah Radclyffe
Written by David Leland
Starring Emily Lloyd
Tom Bell
Music by Stanley Myers
Cinematography Ian Wilson
Editing by George Akers
Distributed by Atlantic Releasing Corp
Release date(s) July 24, 1987 (U.S.)
Running time 92 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget $ 1.5 million

Wish You Were Here is a 1987 British drama/comedy film starring Emily Lloyd and Tom Bell. The film was written and directed by David Leland. The original music score was composed by Stanley Myers.


Plot summary

16-year-old Lynda Mansell (Emily Lloyd) lives in a small English seaside town in the early 1950s. She is feisty and precocious and always shocks other people with her vulgar and saucy tongue (her favorite insult is "Up yer bum"). Bored with conventional jobs (which she frequently loses) and her town's dull young men, Lynda has her first sexual experience with Dave (Jesse Birdsall) but after she has slept with one of her father's middle-aged friends (Tom Bell), her life changes. She becomes pregnant and her father, a somewhat rigid and conventional man, disowns her. Desperately she tries to seek an illegal abortion but in the end decides to become a mother.

Wish you were here is a sigh Lynda makes because of her dead mother, who understood her and protected her from her intolerant father. Beneath her cheeky exterior, Lynda is a vulnerable girl who seeks love and a place in life; she lives in a time where it was difficult for teenagers like her to do that in their own way.

This movie was based loosely on the memoirs of the British madam Cynthia Payne as a teenager. It was filmed in Worthing and Bognor Regis.

Awards and nominations


Actor Character
Emily Lloyd Lynda Mansell
Tom Bell Eric
Jesse Birdsall Dave
Clare Clifford Mrs. Parfitt
Barbara Durkin Valerie
Geoffrey Hutchings Hubert Mansell
Charlotte Barker Gillian
Chloë Leland Margaret
Charlotte Ball Lynda (aged 11)
Pat Heywood Aunt Millie
Abigail Leland Margaret (aged 7)
Geoffrey Durham Harry Figgis
Neville Smith Cinema Manager
Heathcote Williams Dr. Holroyd
Val McLane Maisie Mathews
Susan Skipper Lynda's Mother
Lee Whitlock Brian
Sheila Kelley Joan Figgis

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