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Map of Wisteria Lane in season 1

Wisteria Lane is a fictional street appearing in the American television series Desperate Housewives. The set used for the street is Colonial Street on the Universal Studios backlot outside Los Angeles.


Premise within the show

Wisteria Lane is located in the city of Fairview, in the fictional Eagle State.[1] Its appearance reflects an upper-middle-class version of the stereotypical view of American suburb: perfectly manicured lawns, rows of comfortable houses and white picket fences. It is the main setting of the show, and it includes the homes of its four leading women - Gabrielle, Bree, Susan and Lynette - as well as most of the show's other main characters. As of the fourth season, the residents of eleven houses on Wisteria Lane have been established in the show.

The setting

The street known as Wisteria Lane in the show is located on the backlot of Universal Studios Hollywood. It is referred to by film crews as 'Colonial Street', and has been used for many motion pictures and television shows, starting with the 1946 movie So Goes My Love at what is now the Solis home (at 4349 Wisteria Lane).[2] Other film and television productions in which 'Colonial Street' has featured include the original Leave It to Beaver series, Gremlins, The 'Burbs, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.[3]

The house where the character Betty Applewhite lived during the second season was strictly avoided by the Desperate Housewives filming crew during season one. This was because it was considered to be too recognizable since being the main setting of The Munsters. Following the decision to introduce the Applewhites, and having them living in the Munster home, the house was completely remodeled.[4]

In 2005, for the second season of Desperate Housewives, the street went through some heavy changes. During the first season only one part of the street had been seen on the show - the cul-de-sac at the end of the street, known as 'Circle Drive' among film crews,[5] had been left out. Now the majority of the buildings and facades in this part of the street were either heavily remodelled or removed. Among the most noticeable changes were the removals of a church facade, seen on Murder, She Wrote, in order to make room for Edie's house,[6] and of the so-called Colonial Mansion, which was replaced by a park.[7] In the Film Beethovan's 3rd (2000) The street can clearly be seen with the shops and the Church still in place around 'Circle Drive'. The shot begins in circle drive at the shops then Mrs McCluskeys, Lynettes, Katherines, Brees, Susans, Mary Alices, Bettys and Gabys are also in shot. Showing all the houses in place. The shot then continues into Gabys driveway and then down the rest of the street.

Currently Colonial Street - including Circle Drive - has sixteen main buildings, with three of them located outside the Desperate Housewives filming area. The house closest to the settings, located next to what's called 4348 Wisteria Lane within the show, is being used by guards to stop any unauthorized access to "Wisteria Lane".[8]


Although the creators of the show keep the location of Wisteria Lane a secret, several clues have been given that contradict each other. For example, in the first season the restaurant Saddle Ranch is featured once, suggesting that the mystery location is either in California or Arizona, where the restaurant has locations. However, two families, the Applewhites and the Mayfairs had moved from Chicago suggesting that Fairview is near there. Those two cities are very very far from each other. In season one episode fourteen Tom mentions now working the entire west coast from Seattle to Los Angeles making people think that Wisteria Lane is somewhere in between.

The letter addressed to Mary Alice states '4352 Wisteria Lane, Bienville, USA'

Overview of the street

The following Wisteria Lane overview is based upon details and maps given within the show as well as Universal Studios' official website - see below for further details.



These are the current known residents of Wisteria Lane, covering episodes [(Pilot)(1.01)]-[(If It's Only In Your Head) (5.24)]. Note that no residents of 4348 (Drew House) and 4360 Wisteria Lane have been mentioned, although an unnamed woman, played by an uncredited [(actor)], is seen living in no. 4360 in episode 4.02. Also in Season 2, there is a black haired woman living here. In Season 3, there is a blonde haired cheating housewife here. Most likely neighbirhood big mouth Mona Clark lives here. In season 5 there is a flashback set in the late 90's or early 2000s where you see a woman named Helen and her husband, Ed, who most likely lived in Gabbys home 4349 Wisteria Lane.

Image Address Former name
Family Residents Past Productions
Greenbergs.PNG 4347 Wisteria Lane[9] Delta House[10]

Kellar Home

Greenberg Ida Greenberg (pre series and until mid season 4)
McCluskey Karen McCluskey (mid season 4 to end of season 4)
Kinsky Mrs Kinsky (Season 6 onwards)
Solis'.PNG 4349 Wisteria Lane Allison Home[11]

Dowd Home

Solis Gabrielle Solis (pre and entire series)
Carlos Solis (pre series and until end of season 2 and since mid season 4)
Yao Lin (first half of season 1)
Xiao-Mei (mid season 2 to early season 3)
Juanita Solis (since season 5)
Celia Solis (since season 5)
Ana Solis (since end of season 5)
  • So Goes My Love (1946) sound stage 12 set[11] (1946)
  • Harvey[11] (1950)
  • James Stewart as Elwood P. Dowd in Harvey(1950)
  • Psycho House (1960) was created by using stock units from the Allison facade - In 1966 psycho house blueprint was relabled ' stock units' from the Chicken House
  • The Ghost and Mr. Chicken[11] (1966)
  • Rock-a-Bye Baby (1958)
  • The Shaggy Dog (1959)
  • The Munsters (1964)
  • Lucas Tanner[10] (1974–75)
  • Colonial Street - River Road backlot location 1950 to 1980"
4350WisteriaLane.jpg 4350 Wisteria Lane Cromwell Home or Pink Palace

Dragnet House

Huber Martha Huber (pre series and early season 1)
  • One Desire (1955) Cromwell House - home of Anne Baxter as Tacey Cromwell
  • Dragnet TV Series
  • Adam 12 TV series
  • The Car (1977)
Tilman Felicia Tilman (mid season 1 and season 2)
Adams Unnamed (seasons 4 and 5)
Cominis/Van de Kamp Alex Cominis (since mid season 5)
Andrew Van de Kamp (since mid season 5)
WisteriaLanePurpleHouse.jpg 4351 Wisteria Lane[12] Munster Home[4]
(originally Maxim house)[4]
Mullins Mr & Mrs Mullins (pre series and until end of season 1)
  • So Goes My Love(1946) sound stage 12 set[4] (1946)
  • One Desire (1955) home of Rock Hudson
  • The Munsters[4] (1964–1966)
  • Colonial Street - River Road backlot location 1950 to 1980"
Applewhites Betty Applewhite (end of season 1 and entire season 2)
Matthew Applewhite (end of season 1 and entire season 2)
Caleb Applewhite (end of season 1 and entire season 2)
Hodge Alma Hodge (mid season 3)
Hunter/McDermott Bob Hunter (since early season 4)
Lee McDermott (since early season 4)
Young.PNG 4352 Wisteria Lane Morrison Home[13] Youngs Mary Alice Young (pre series until she killed herself in the pilot episode)
Paul Young (pre series and until end of season 2)
Zach Young (pre series and until end of season 2)
  • Leave it to Beaver Movie (1997)
  • Tucker" (2000) CBS Pilot
  • Before 1997 house on this lot was the "Morrison" house "
  • " Morrison House ( River Lady (1948) - Summer 1988 "The Burbs"(Home ofTom Hanks)
Shepherds Arthur Shepherd (mid season 3)
Rebecca Shepherd (Mid season 3)
Hudson Mrs. Hudson (unseen character early season 5)
Delfino Mike Delfino (mid season 5)
Bolens Angie Bolen (Since season 6)
Nick Bolen (Since season 6)
Danny Bolen (Since season 6)
Susan.JPG 4353 Wisteria Lane Ron's Barn

Johnson Home[14]

Mayers/Delfinos Karl Mayer (pre series)
Susan Mayer (pre and entire series)
Julie Mayer (pre and entire series with the exception of season 5)
Mike Delfino (season 4 and 6)
Sophie Bremmer (mid season 1 to mid season 2)
Maynard "M.J." Delfino (since end of season 4)
Bree.JPG 4354 Wisteria Lane Klopek Home Van de Kamps/Hodges Bree Hodge (pre and entire series)
Rex Van de Kamp (pre series and until end of season 1)
Andrew Van de Kamp (pre series and until mid season 4)
Danielle Van de Kamp (pre series and until mid season 4)
Orson Hodge (since season 3)
Gloria Hodge (mid season 3)
Benjamin Hodge (mid and late season 4)
  • Dr. Werner Klopek Home - The Burbs (1989) - redesign for the Providence (TV series) in the summer of 1988 built on the location of the former Beaver House (Tv Series & Tv Movie)/ Marcus Welby M. D./ Desperate Hours-Paramount house
  • Providence[15] (1999–2002)
4355WisteriaLane.jpg 4355 Wisteria Lane Dana Home[16] Scavos Lynette Scavo (pre and entire series)
Tom Scavo (pre and entire series)
Porter Scavo (pre and entire series with the exception of early and mid season 6)
Preston Scavo (pre and entire series)
Parker Scavo (pre and entire series)
Penny Scavo (pre and entire series)
Kayla Huntington (mid season 3 to end of season 4)
Stella Wingfield (end of season 3 to mid season 4)
  • Nice Girl! (1941) Deanna Durbin - Dana Family
  • Bedtime for Bonzo[16] (1951)
  • All I Desire (1953)
  • The Thrill of it All[16] (1963)
KathrynsHouse.JPG 4356 Wisteria Lane Walter's House - "The Burbs" Delfino/Solis Mike Delfino (season 1 to end of season 3)
Carlos Solis (most of season 3)
  • In summer 1988 - Walter's House blocked the entrance to Circle Drive
  • season one - entrance to Circle Drive was blocked by a house later destroyed in a fire
  • After the production of the Burbs: Walter's house move to the former location of the Hubbart Home - "Another Part of the Forest" sound stage set
  • In summer of 1988 the "Hubbart Home" and the Beaver Home (TV series & Tv Movie) were move to a location south of falls lake
Mayfair/Delfino Lillian Simms (pre series and season 4)
Katherine Mayfair (pre series and since season 4)
Adam Mayfair (first half of season 4)
Dylan Mayfair (season 4 and one episode in mid season 6)
Mike Delfino (second half of season 5)
Robin Gallagher (since second half of season 6)
Karenmcclusky.JPG 4358 Wisteria Lane[17] Not named

replaced McCluskey home destroyed in tornado House facade dated back to the silent era -Uncle Toms' cabin

McCluskey Karen McCluskey (entire series)
Roy Bender (since season 6)
4362WisteriaLane.jpg 4362 Wisteria Lane[1] "Not named" Britt/Williams Edie Britt (pre series and until late season 4 and season 5)
Umberto Roswell (pre series)
Karl Mayer (Season 2)
Austin McCann (Season 3)
Travers McLain (Season 3)
Carlos Solis (late season 3 until mid season 4)
Raymond (5 years between season 4 and 5)
Dave Williams (Season 5)
Lance and Stephanie (Season 6)
  • Built for season two


Before the large changes to the set after Season One, 4360 and 4362 Wisteria Lane, as well as the park, situated around the cul-de-sac, were not shown.

Where 4360 Wisteria Lane was built, was formerly store façades and a school façade. At 4362, Edie Britt's home, was originally a church façade that was removed. That church was seen in Murder, She Wrote (1984) as "Cabot Cove's community church". Where the park is now (see map), was previously a relatively larger home, "Colonial Mansion." In season 1 Susan Mayer burns down Edie Britt's house and there are changes to the kitchen and exterior.

Before the start of Season 4, Mike's old house is completely remodelled. The walls around the staircase have been torn down to open up the ground floor completely. Both the upstairs and downstairs are re-wallpapered with bright reds and pastel colours.

After the tornado in "Something's Coming", Karen McCluskey's home was completely destroyed. A replacement blue house has been constructed in time for the fifth season. This house has a working 2nd floor. In addition to this, the former residence of Mary Alice Young has been painted green and the archway and the beginning of the house has been removed. Bree's garage has been reconverted into her and Katherine's test kitchen. The ground floor contains the kitchen and the top floor contains their offices. Also in season five 4350, the former home of Martha Huber and Felicia Tilman has been painted a pale yellow - green colour however by the time of season six it has been restored to its original color, Green.

Unseen Houses

There are two more buildings left of 4348 Wisteria Lane, 'Corner House' first and then 'Seven Gables', which have been repainted and refurbished after season one, but no one has been shown living there as of yet. The one immediately to the left of 4348 Wisteria Lane (Drew House), Corner House ( Deanna Durbin), is where a Desperate Housewives security guard is stationed, restricting unauthorized access to the set. In the 2nd Season episode "Color and Light", the residents of these houses are revealed. In 4348, we are told Sacha Eden and her son live here, In 4346, we are told Sharon Chazin and her son live here, and in 4344, we are told Lisa Seadmen and her son live here. In Season 3, there is an unnamed man living in 4348. The hallway is painted green. In Season Five, 4348 is inhabited by Gloria LeRoy's character Rose, whom Orson tries to rob before being thrown out onto the street.

Also behind 4347 and 4349 atop a hill is a relatively large 'Chicken Ranch' house, which has never been shown on the show.

Colonial Street Changes

Colonial Street (1950–1955) version as an extension of the New England Street (1948–1949). Wisteria Lane was created by making a version of Colonial Street built in 1981 on the studio tour called "Any Town USA" with Rock Hudson's Circle Drive. The 1981 version of Colonial Street was built over top of the former Laramie street, Bates Motel and Psycho House areas. The original Colonial Street of 1950 to 1980 was located next to the Los Angeles river channel. Today that "River Road" location contains production bungalows.

Official maps

The 1989-1996 Colonial Street map

The official website of Universal Studios Hollywood presents a map of Colonial Street, as it looked between 1989 and 1996.[5] Besides the changes made during the first year of Desperate Housewives, the main difference between this map and the current look of the street is that the houses known in Desperate Housewives as 4352 Wisteria Lane and 4354 Wisteria Lane (Mary Alice's and Bree's houses) replaced two older buildings in 1996.[2]

Another map, showing the street during the same era, but with higher resolution can be viewed here, along with an air photo taken in 2004.

Mike's map

In episode two of Desperate Housewives, Ah, But Underneath, a map of the street and details about its residents is seen in one of Mike's lockers. This map confirms the location of Susan's, Lynette's, Gabrielle's, Bree's, Mary Alice's, Mike's and Martha Huber's houses, as well as the existence of one house between Susan's and Gabrielle's, one house beyond Gabrielle's and one house beyond Mike's. However, it doesn't cover the part of the street that include the house on the far side of Martha Huber's house, nor the buildings around the cul-de-sac, which wasn't included in the show's setting at the time. With two exceptions, all ten houses have the same number as otherwise stated in the series.

There are some differences between Mike's map and the established version:

  • Although most house numbers are the same as otherwise stated, there are two exceptions: The house between Susan's and Gabrielle's houses (later known as the Applewhite house) is noted as 4354, and Bree's house is said to be 4359. Generally these houses are shown to be 4351 and 4354 Wisteria Lane, respectively, with Mike's map being the only exception.
  • The residents of the house between the houses of Gabrielle and of Susan are said to be Trent and Debra Nelson, although the Mullins is mentioned in the dialogue earlier in the same episode. This is the only time the Nelson's names has occurred in the series.
  • The resident of 4347 Wisteria Lane is not said to be Ida Greenberg - this character is not introduced until episode five, Come In, Stranger. Instead there are two other names noted, but too blurry to be read.
  • Also to be noted is that Lynette's daughter Penny is called Daisy on the map.

In addition, although the camera briefly passes by 4358 Wisteria Lane - the house that (starting with episode 14, Love is in the Air) would be known as Karen McCluskey's home - it turns away before any names are shown.

The "Behind Closed Doors" map

A map of Wisteria Lane is also included in the official season one companion book, Desperate Housewives: Behind Closed Doors, published in 2005. This map doesn't show the house numbers but confirms the existence and location of most Wisteria Lane houses to appear on the show. The exceptions are the three buildings beyond Karen McCluskey's house, which weren't added to the shows filming location until season two. Also - while most of the houses on the map are labeled "The Scavo House", "The Young House" etc., the houses now known as the McCluskey house, the Greenberg house and 4348 Wisteria Lane, are left without any description.

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