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Background information
Origin Atlanta, Georgia
Genres Rap, Hip-hop
Years active 1995-present
Labels Arista, Koch, Williams Street

Erin Johnson, better known as Witchdoctor, is an established member of Atlanta’s Dungeon Family collective which includes members such as Goodie Mob, OutKast, Cee-Lo (originally of Goodie Mob), Big Rube, & many others. Witchdoctor owns and operates his own independent record label, Dezonly1 Records and has released six solo albums and a book of poetry, "The Diary of The American Witchdoctor".



Witchdoctor released his first album (A S.W.A.T. Healin’ Ritual) in 1997 on Interscope Records, during a time when credible solo emcees were few and far between in the South. All of the previous albums crafted by Dungeon Family members were group efforts, while Witchdoctor embarked on the weighty task of releasing the 1st solo LP by a member of this respected collective. The result was a certified classic. Anchored by the gritty single "Everyday is a Holiday (Another Muthafuckin' Dollar Day), the album also featured several artists from the Dungeon Family such as Cee-Lo, Outkast, Goodie Mob and Cool Breeze. The album features varied content ranging from street life to spirituality and was produced entirely by Organized Noize Productions.

Witchdoctor’s second album was “9th Wonder of the World” and was released as the first album on his label; “Dezonly1." The term Dezonly1, he says, represents an ebonic reference to "god". The 9th Wonder of the World Album features production by Witchdoctor himself as well as guest appearances by Dungeon Family artists Backbone and others. This independent release marked the beginning of Witchdoctor's career as a labelhead. Subsequently, Dezonly1 Records released four other albums, Gumbo Cookin, KING OF THE BEASTS, The God Iz Good Movement, and Escape 2 New York, which are sold around the world exclusively via myspace and continue to solidify Witchdoctor's international fan base, making Dezonly1 Records one of the top independent hip hop record labels in the world.

In 2004, PublishAmerica entered into a three book deal with Witchdoctor, publishing his provocative poetry collection, “Diary of the American Witch Doctor,” which covers political, racial, social, sexual and spiritual topics in depth and showcases the author's ability to create meritorious literary works. The seven chapters of the Diary, Head Bussin', Politickin', The Ghetto; The Skruggle, The Sister Section, The Holy Spirit, and Off The Record, organize some of Witchdoctor's most compelling poetry into book form, and has earned rave reviews. Fans eagerly await Witchdoctor's followup books, one of which is slated to be a novel.

In 2007 Witchdoctor signed a deal with Williams Street Records, the independent record label from Cartoon Network's [adult swim], and on October 23, 2007, released The Diary Of An American Witchdoctor, an album which features selections from many of Witchdoctor's independent albums, such as "Suicide Bomber" featuring Ill Nation (from The God Iz Good Movement album) as well as new material. Teaming up with Wu-Tang's Ghostface Killah, Witchdoctor toured the United States on the Adult Swim College Tour, expanding his fan base to include Adult Swim fans and promoting the album.

Witchdoctor is known for his lyrical genius and spends most of his time writing and perfecting his skills as an emcee. One of hip-hop's more well-rounded artists, the content of his music ranges from drugs and strip clubs to politics and spirituality. He is also a talented vocalist who does his own background and can be heard singing on many of his most compelling records. Dezonly1 Records serves as the primary machine through which Witchdoctor funnels his music out to eager fans around the world. A fast worker, Witchdoctor has been known to complete albums in record time and has proven his ability to not only excel as a writer an emcee, but to succeed at crafting complete projects from start to finish, market them and distribute them worldwide.

With an exciting stage performance, Witchdoctor enthralls audiences and has the ability to entertain at various venues for mixed audiences. He delivers his material with clarity and energy and is a highly sought-after live performer. Witchdoctor has earned the name "King of the Beasts," counting himself among the rap game's best lyricists and one of the hardest working men in entertainment.

Over the course of his career, Witchdoctor often felt that he had been "left for dead..." by an industry that he believes felt threatened by the name "Witchdoctor" but as he enjoys his recent resurgence on the strength of his independent label, he looks forward to introducing new material, such as the eagerly anticipated albums GLOBAL WARNING and Mary Magdalene, as well as new artists.





  • By Dungeon Family
    • "6 Minutes (Dungeon Family-It's On)" w/Big Boi, Goodie Mob, Backbone & Cool Breeze from Even In Darkness
    • "What Is Rap" w/Big Rube, Ray, Preecha & Ramon from Even In Darkness
  • By Da Connect
    • "Feel The Fire" from Dungeon Family 2nd Generation

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