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Wolfram Research, Inc.
Type Scientific & Technical Computing Software
Founded 1987
Founder(s) Wolfram CEO Stephen Wolfram; co-founder, Theodore Gray is the company's Director of User Interface Technology.[1]
Headquarters Champaign, Illinois (worldwide headquarters); Oxfordshire, UK (European headquarters); Tokyo, Japan (Asian headquarters); with additional locations in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Paris, France.
Key people President, Stephen Wolfram International & Strategic Director, Conrad Wolfram
Industry Computer software, Publishing, Research and Development
Products Mathematica, Wolfram Workbench, gridMathematica, webMathematica, Wolfram Alpha
Owner(s) Privately held
Employees 300+
Divisions Wolfram Media Inc., Wolfram Research Europe Ltd. in the United Kingdom and Wolfram Research Asia Ltd. in Japan.

Wolfram Research is a private company that makes math programs. Its main product is Mathematica, an environment for technical computing. The founder and CEO of Wolfram Research is Stephen Wolfram, scientist and author, who maintains close involvement with the development of Mathematica.



The primary software product of Wolfram Research is the program Mathematica, which has, as of November 2008, undergone an upgrade to version 7. Other products include Wolfram Workbench, gridMathematica, and webMathematica.


Wolfram Research publishes several free websites including the MathWorld and ScienceWorld encyclopedias.

Wolfram Alpha is Wolfram's newest website, launched on May 16, 2009. It brings a new approach to knowledge generation and acquisition that involves large amounts of curated computable data in addition to semantic indexing of text.[2]


Wolfram Research publishes the Mathematica journal and has published several books via Wolfram Media, Wolfram's publishing arm[3].


Wolfram Research serves as the mathematical consultant for the CBS television series Numb3rs, a show about the mathematical aspects of crime-solving.

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