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The Women's Chinese Basketball Association is a women's basketball league in the People's Republic of China. It is commonly known as the WCBA, and this name (spelled out in letters) is often used even in Chinese.

The WCBA was established in 2002. It is the women's counterpart to the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).



Team names often incorporate the name of a corporate sponsor.


Group A

Team Home

Bayi China Telecom
Changsha (八一中国电信)
Jiangsu Nangang   (江苏龙南钢同曦)
Guangdong Hongjia Nanhai (广东南海宏佳)
Beijing Shougang   (北京首钢)
Shanghai Dongfang   (上海东方)
Hebei Lulu Shijiazhuang (河北露露)

Group B

Team Home
Heilongjiang Zhenning   (黑龙江辰能)
Liaoning Baocheng   (辽宁宝城)
Henan Yuguang   (河南济源豫光金铅)
Jilin Aohua   (吉林澳华)
Shenyang Army (Shenbu) Sanyang Tieling (沈部三洋电梯)
Fujian Tailaoshan Fuding (福建太姥山)


  • 2002 - Bayi
  • 2003 - Bayi
  • 2004 - Bayi
  • 2005 - Bayi
  • 2006 - Liaoning
  • 2007 - Liaoning
  • 2008 - Bayi
  • 2009 - Liaoning
  • 2010 - Liaoning

Source: [1]

2004-2005 season

The 2004–2005 regular season began on October 30 2004, and including all playoffs was scheduled to end on January 16 2005 at the latest. Regular season games were scheduled on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

On January 15 2005, Bayi defeated Liaoning to win its fourth straight WCBA title.

Ranking for 2004-2005 season

  1. Bayi China Telecom
  2. Liaoning Baocheng
  3. Jiangsu Nangang
  4. Heilongjiang Zhenning
  5. Shenbu Sanyang
  6. Guangdong Hongjia
  7. Shanghai Dongfang
  8. Beijing Shougang
  9. Henan Yuguang
  10. Jilin Aohua
  11. Fujian Tailaoshan
  12. Hebei Lulu

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