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Working manga volume 1 cover.jpg
Cover of volume 1 of Working!!, published by Square Enix.
Genre Comedy
Author Karino Takatsu
Publisher Square Enix
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Young Gangan
Original run January 2005 – ongoing
Volumes 6
TV anime
Director Yoshimasa Hiraike
Studio A-1 Pictures
Network Japan Tokyo MX
Original run April 4, 2010 – ongoing
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Working!! is a Japanese four-panel comic strip manga series written and illustrated by Karino Takatsu. It began serialization in the January 2005 issue of Square Enix's Young Gangan seinen manga magazine. The first bound volume was released in November 2005 in Japan; as of March 2009, six volumes have been released. Square Enix released three drama CDs between 2007 and 2009 with scripts written by Shōgo Mukai. An anime series produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Yoshimasa Hiraike will begin airing in Japan on April 4, 2010.



Sōta Takanashi (小鳥遊 宗太 Takanashi Sōta?)
Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura (drama CD), Jun Fukuyama (anime)
The main character of Working!!, Sōta is a 16-year-old high school student recruited by Poplar to become a new employee at the family restaurant Wagnaria. He is enamored by cute things and thus favors Poplar over the other employees due to her cute appearance. He usually finds his co-workers and the rules of the restaurant to be strange, but he still has an attachment to his job.
Poplar Taneshima (種島 ぽぷら Taneshima Popura?)
Voiced by: Mai Kadowaki (drama CD), Kana Asumi (anime)
The main female protagonist, Poplar is an undersized 17-year-old high school student who works at Wagnaria. Ironically, she was named after the poplar tree so that she would grow tall. She is a hard worker, but she sometimes makes clumsy mistakes in her job. She is very sensitive about her small appearance; many customers usually mistake her to be younger than she truly is. She often fails to gain respect from Sōta, who is one year her junior, as he usually regards her as an elementary school student. She is also unable to properly call him by his surname, saying "Katanashi" rather than "Takanashi", even when corrected.
Mahiru Inami (伊波 まひる Inami Mahiru?)
Voiced by: Mai Nakahara (drama CD), Saki Fujita (anime)
Mahiru is a timid girl who joins the rest of the employees at Wagnaria. She has androphobia and is thus terrified of men; she punches any male that comes near her. This violent behavior arises from her belief that every man is ready to attack her, when it is really the other way around. As she and Sōta usually share shifts, he takes the brunt of her attacks.
Kyōko Shirafuji (白藤 杏子 Shirafuji Kyōko?)
Voiced by: Junko Minagawa (drama CD), Kumiko Watanabe (anime)
Kyōko is the manager of Wagnaria. She usually maintains a rather apathetic attitude about how the restaurant is run and almost never bothers to do any work herself. She is not beyond using violence to deal with unruly customers and firmly believes that employees come before the customers, as the employees are the ones doing all the work. She is 28 years old, but she becomes despondent whenever her age is mentioned.
Yachiyo Todoroki (轟 八千代 Todoroki Yachiyo?)
Voiced by: Shiho Kawaragi (drama CD), Eri Kitamura (anime)
Yachiyo is another employee at the restaurant. She usually carries around a katana which, according to her, was made by her parents who used to be blacksmiths. Yachiyo is unaware that some of the customers, and even Sōta, are intimidated by her blade. She admires Kyōko considerably.
Jun Satō (佐藤 潤 Satō Jun?)
Voiced by: Hirofumi Nojima (drama CD), Daisuke Ono (anime)
A chef who works in the kitchen, Jun is a helpful but intimidating individual. He dislikes Sōta as a new employee and sometimes belittles and threatens him. As he is usually confined to the kitchen, he sometimes has to offer food to deliver in order to eavesdrop.
Hiroomi Sōma (相馬 博臣 Sōma Hiroomi?)
Voiced by: Yoshinori Fujita (drama CD), Hiroshi Kamiya (anime)
Another chef who works in the kitchen, Hiroomi is a young man with an easygoing attitude.



Working!! had its origins in a web comic written and illustrated by Karino Takatsu also called Working!!, which she published in irregular intervals on her personal website. The web comic's setting and characters are different from the later four-panel comic strip manga, which began serialization in the January 2005 issue of Square Enix's Young Gangan manga magazine. While the restaurant in the web comic and manga are both called Wagnaria, they are different establishments. The first bound volume of the manga was released on November 25, 2005,[1] and as of March 26, 2009, six volumes have been published in Japan.[2] Ten additional chapters have been released via mobile phones. The manga has been licensed for release in Chinese in Taiwan by Tong Li Publishing.[3] Takatsu launched a biweekly web version of Working!! on October 16, 2009 to commemorate the anime series and posts the manga on the anime's official website.[4][5]

Drama CDs

Square Enix have released three drama CDs under the title Young Gangan Book In CD Working!! with scenarios written by Shōgo Mukai. The first volume, released on January 25, 2007, came bundled with a 96-page booklet with bonus manga and the scenario included.[6] The second and third volumes, released on April 25, 2008 and March 25, 2009 respectively, also came bundled with similar booklets.[7][8]


An anime television series produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Yoshimasa Hiraike will begin airing in Japan on April 4, 2010 on Tokyo MX.[9] The first episode had a special pre-broadcast on March 6, 2010 on Tokyo MX. The voice acting cast for the anime is different from the drama CDs. The anime's opening theme is "Someone Else" by Kana Asumi, Saki Fujita, and Eri Kitamura. The ending theme is "Heart no Edge ni Idomō Go to Heart Edge" (ハートのエッジに挑もう Go to Heart Edge?) by Jun Fukuyama, Daisuke Ono, and Hiroshi Kamiya.


# Episode title Original air date
01 "Welcome to Wagnaria: Takanashi Works."
"Wagunaria e Yōkoso Takanashi, Hataraku." (ワグナリアへようこそ♪小鳥遊、働く。) 
April 4, 2010


The fourth manga volume of Working!! was the seventh highest selling manga volume in Japan for the week of October 23 and October 29, 2007.[10] The sixth manga volume was the sixth highest selling manga volume in Japan for the week of March 24 and March 30, 2009, having sold over 73,000 volumes that week.[11]


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