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World Court
Box artwork for World Court.
Developer(s) Namco
Publisher(s) Namco
Japanese title ワールドコート
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Tennis
System(s) Arcade
Players 1-2

World Court is a tennis arcade game that was released by Namco in 1988 only in Japan. It runs on Namco System 1 hardware, and was inspired by the 1987 Famicom game Family Tennis. A sequel named Super World Court was released in 1992.

There are two different modes in this game - a single player can square off with the CPU or two players can compete against each other. There are also three different courts to choose from - New York (hard), London (lawn), and Paris (clay). Matches can either be one or three sets long, depending on the option that the player selects.

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