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The World Electronic Music Festival (WEMF) is an electronic music event held annually in Southern Ontario over a period of three days. It was run by Destiny Productions out of Toronto. World Electronic music Festival was the longest running music festival of its kind in Canada. In summer of 2008, Destiny put on their last WEMF in Madawaska, Ontario.


This festival was developed in 1995. At that time it was named "The World Trance Festival" which was later renamed The World Electronic Music Festival.

WEMF (Destiny 10) 1995 took place at Mosport International Raceway in the center of the large race track from Friday, July 14th to Sunday July 16th. A tornado ripped through the middle of it, destroying one of two sound stages and many people's tents went airborne. However, nobody was hurt.

WEMF (Destiny 15) 1996 took place at a campground in Oro Medonte Township near Barrie, Ontario from Friday July 12th to Sunday July 14th

WEMF (Destinly 20) 1998 took place at Christian Island near Midland, Ontario from Friday, July 17th to Sunday, July 19th

WEMF 1999 took place at White Sands, Sauble Beach near Owen Sound, Ontario from Friday, July 16th to Sunday, July 18th

WEMF 2000 took place at Dunnville Airport in Dunnville, Ontario from Friday, July 14th to Sunday July 16th

WEMF 2001 took place on private property in Bobcaygeon, Ontario from Friday, July 21st to Sunday, July 23rd

WEMF 2002 took place on private property in Bobcaygeon, Ontario from Friday, August 2nd to Sunday August 4th

WEMF 2003 took place at Trudeau Park in Tweed, Ontario from Friday, July 25th to Sunday, July 27th

WEMF 2004 took place at Wasaga Beach in Wasaga Beach, Ontario from Sunday, July 25th to Tuesday, July 27th

WEMF 2005 took place at the Orangeville Fairgrounds in Orangeville, Ontario from Friday July 8th to July 10th.

WEMF 2006 took place at Trudeau Park in Tweed, Ontario from Friday July 21st to Sunday July 23rd.

WEMF 2007 took place at the Niagara Regional Exhibition (NRE) in Welland, Ontario from Friday July 20th to Sunday July 22nd.

WEMF 2008 took place at Madawaska, Ontario, from Friday, July 18th to Sunday, July 20th.

Past Headliners

WEMF 1998 featured 6 main stages of music

Destiny (trance): Jon The Dentist, Chris Liberator, M-Zone, Deniro, Mark EG, Christopher Lawrence, LL Bishop, Shane Morris, Matt Booker, Robert Oleysyk, Dave Trance, Mistress Barbara, The Alliance & Tweek (Live P.A.) + locals

Next Junction (drum'n'bass): Nicky Blackmarket, L Double, D.Bo General, R Notorious J, The Substitution Crew: DJ Lorne / DJ Starchild / DJ Kpakpa, MC Flex / MC Mis-ty, Athena Produce, Adaire, MC Blaise + locals

Hullabaloo (hardcore): Vinyltrixta, Spinback, Jimmy J + locals

Return To The Source (psy trance): Medicine Drum, Cosmosis, Ceiba + locals

Speed (techno): Dj Traxx, Dietrich, Altitude, Adam Marshall + locals

AM Trip: Dreamstate (Live P.A.) + locals

WEMF 1999 featured 6 main stages of music:

Destiny (trance): Jon The Dentist, Chris Liberator, Mark EG, Mark Tyler, Shane Morris, Commander Tom, Andy Trex, Christopher Lawrence, Scott Stubbs, Dave Trance, Xotec, Flex, Max Graham, Vapourspace + locals

Dose (house + breaks): Dubtribe (Live), John Kelley, Daeman, Eric Davenport, Nigel Richards, Vitamin D, 3PO, Melting Man + locals

Hullabaloo (hardcore + trance): Vinyl Groover, Druid, M-Zone, Madam Zu, Mc Magika, Mc Stixman + locals

Syrous/Renegades (drum'n'bass): Mickey Finn, Ray Keith, Brockie, MC Det, MC GQ + locals

Moon Shadow Collective (psy trance): Psychopod, Frank E, Eon Ion, Tim Shuldt, Avatar + locals

Speed (techno): Andrew Weatherfall, Silicon Valley, Daz Quayle, Mike Shannon, Vortex, Algorhythm + locals

WEMF 2000 featured 6 main stages of music:

Trance: Paul Oakenfold, Hardware, Mark EG, John '00' Flemming, Chris Liberator, Christopher Lawrence, Commander Tom, BK, Andy Farley, Marco Dux Baby, Scott Stubbs + locals

Drum'n'Bass: Darren Jay, Mickey Finn, Swift Skibadee, MC GQ + locals

Hardcore: Sy, M-Zone, Orange Peel + locals

House/Breaks: H Foundation, Problem Kids + locals

Techno: Thomas Krome, Disco D, Joel Mull + many more headliners

Psy Trance: Hallucinogen, Agent 1475 + locals

WEMF 2001 featured 8 main stages of music:

Destiny trance stage: Nostrum, Commander Tom, Jon The Dentist, John '00' Flemming, Chris Liberator, Fergie, Andy Trex, Darren Pierce, Christopher Lawrence, Scott Stubbs, Benji Solice + locals

Dose house/breaks stage: Bassbin Twins, H Foundation, Olav Basoski, Czech, 3PO, Chris Anderson + locals

Syrous/Renegades drum'n'bass stage: Ed Rush, Optical, Ray Keith, Digital, Spirit, Dieselboy, Skibadee, MC MC, Rhyme Tyme, Rage + locals

Hullabaloo hardcore stage: Scott Brown, Breeze, Devastate, Storm, MC Whizzkid + locals

Eclipse psy-trance stage: Orion, Jean Borelli, Taka, Lori The HiFi Princess, Jamin + locals

Flux booty/hard house stage: DJ Funk, 420, Bam Bam, Alex Peace, Josh Da Funky 1, Rip, Paradigm, Frankie Vega, The Zelch Brothers, Major Malfunction, Xotec + locals

Techno stage: Punk Floyd, DDR, Christian Smith, Geezer, Murphy, Scorpion, Grooverobber + locals

Neksis chill tent: Czech, Rob Theakston, William Van Loo, Echo + more

WEMF 2002 featured 6 main stages of music:

Destiny trance stage: Christopher Lawrence, Graham Gold, Lange, Commander Tom, Chris Liberator, Yves Deruyter, Jon the Dentist, Lee Mullin of Hybrid, Pulser, Tim Lyall, Vinylgroover, Club Ra Tour featuring Scott Stubbs & Duane King + locals

Afternoon performances live on the main stage: The New Deal, Liquidfied, The Aponauts, Hibernate, Prine.nebula, Rhythm Mercinaries, West Magnetic, The Lou Cypher Project

Syrous/Renegades drum'n'bass stage: Terry T, DJ Souljah, MC Fearless, Demolition Man, MC Dyer, Million Dollar Dan, Godfather JD, DJ Prophecy, Teebee, Shakka Zulu a.k.a Golden Child + locals

Dose/Backbreakers house/breaks/techno stage: DJ Hyper, Simply Jeff, Czech, Chris Anderson, Grooverobber + locals

Hullabaloo hardcore stage: DJ Brisk, Kevin Energy, DJ Kaos, Simon Apex, MC Storm, MC Ethos + locals

Eclipse/CIA goa-trance stage: Shakta (Live PA), Mindfield (Live PA), Shape Shifter (Live PA), Digitalis, John Phantasm, Matt Boom, Ben Mindfield, Hugh Sharpe, Jamin, Steve-o + locals

Phlux urban beats stage: DJ Bam Bam, Alex Peace, DJ Assault, Josh "The Funky 1", DJ Rip, DJ Trajic, Jes One, Xotec + locals

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