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The World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) is a left-wing youth organization, recognized by the United Nations as an international youth non-governmental organization. WFDY, which describes itself as an "anti-imperialist, left-wing" [1] organisation, was founded in London in 1945. WFDY was formed as a broad international youth movement, organized in the context of the end of the Second World War.

However, at the beginning of the Cold War, many Western organizations pulled out of WFDY, due to its association with Soviet-aligned socialist and Communist parties. During the Cold War, it was often portrayed as a Soviet front organization.[2]

When the USSR and the Eastern Bloc collapsed, WFDY entered a crisis. With the power vacuum left by the collapse of the most important member organization, the Soviet Komsomol, there were conflicting views of the future character of the organization. Some wanted a more apolitical structure, whereas others were more inclined to an openly leftist federation. The WFDY, however, survived this crisis, and is today an active international youth organization that holds regular activities.

The WFDY Headquarters are in Budapest, Hungary.

The main event of WFDY is the World Festival of Youth and Students. The 16th WFYS was held in Venezuela 2005.


Pledge of the WFDY

Guy de Boisson, President of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, speaks at the opening of the 2nd World Festival of Youth and Students (Budapest, 1949)
We pledge that we shall remember this unity, forged in this month, November 1945

Not only today, not only this week, this year, but always Until we have built the world we have dreamed of and fought for We pledge ourselves to build the unity of youth of the world All races, all colors, all nationalities, all beliefs To eliminate all traces of fascism from the earth To build a deep and sincere international friendship among the peoples of the world To keep a just lasting peace To eliminate want, frustration and enforced idleness We have come to confirm the unity of all youth salute our comrades who have died-and pledge our word that skilful hands, keen brains and young enthusiasm shall never more be wasted in war

Pledge of the World Federation of Democratic Youth

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