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World News Today
Title Sequence of World News Today
Genre News, Business, Sport
Created by BBC News
for BBC World News
Presented by George Alagiah (1200 UKT)
Mishal Husain (1300 GMT)
Nik Gowing (1600 GMT)
Zeinab Badawi (1900 UKT)
Tanya Beckett (2200 UKT: Business Edition)
Philippa Thomas (0300 UKT)
Theme music composer David Lowe
Country of origin  United Kingdom
Language(s) English
Location(s) BBC Television Centre, London
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel BBC World News
BBC America
BBC Four
BBC News channel
Picture format 16:9 on BBC World News, BBC America, BBC Four, BBC News and BBC One
Original run 03 July 2006 – Present
Related shows BBC World News
BBC World News America
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World News Today Official website

World News Today is a current affairs news programme produced by BBC News. It was originally conceived as a morning television show aimed at American audiences, hosted by George Alagiah, but later expanded to its current 6 editions a day aimed at different markets.

It is somewhat similar to its sister-programme, BBC World News at 0500 UKT, which includes World Business Report as a 30-minute edition starting at :30 Past Hour. Meanwhile, World News Today shows a 10-minute edition of WBR at :40 past hour.




0700 EST(1200 GMT)/0700 EDT(1100 GMT)[1] - George Alagiah

This edition was the original edition of the programme, first aired on 3 July 2006 at 07.00 ET, aimed at the morning audience in the United States where BBC World has finally reached after the channel launched a decade ago.

Even before the BBC World channel was available to the US, there had already been a simulcast of the channel on BBC America.

World News Today was added as part of this 3-hour morning simulcast when the programme launched.[2].

This edition moves for EDT and remains at 07.00 ET all year round, resulting in two World News Today editions, with George Alagiah and with Mishal Husainin (see below), in a row between November and March (winter time in both UK and US).

1300 GMT/1400 BST(1300 GMT) - Mishal Husain

Lanched in July 2008 and targets at Asian audience, this edition of the programme differs in two respects to other editions of World News Today. It uses the same music as the 1900 GMT edition and Sport Today replaces World Business Report at :40.

This edition does not move for BST and remains at 13.00 GMT all year round.

1600 GMT/1700 BST(1600 GMT) - Nik Gowing

On 16 September 2006, the Nik Gowing edition had originally been dedicated to the audience in Asia-Pacific, which had been shown at 05.00 (HK/Phil) or 21.00 (GMT), which had been targeted at European audience [3], but it had been replaced by the Zeinab Badawi edition.

This edition debuted on 23 July 2007, and is now considered as an evening news programme for viewers in South Asia and is shown at 21.30 (India)/ 24.00 (HK/Phil). This edition does not move for BST and remains at 16.00 GMT all year round.

1900 GMT/1900 BST(1800 GMT) - Zeinab Badawi

This edition had replaced the Nik Gowing edition on 29 May 2007 and a previous programme which had been also a BBC World and BBC Four simulcast, The World.[4]

The new World News Today bulletin is shown on BBC Four for the first half-hour (followed by a weather update) & exclusively on BBC World News for the second half-hour.

This edition moves for BST and remains at 19.00 UKT all year round.

Unlike the other editions, this has a different mellower theme tune which has some similarities with the original theme.

2200 GMT/2200 BST(2100 GMT) (Business Edition) - Tanya Beckett

This edition premiered on 27 May 2008. It features reports from New York with Karen Nye, and Singapore with Rico Hizon. Although the focus is on business news, it does include world news.

This edition moves for BST and remains at 22.00 UKT all year round.

Some of the differences from the other editions of the programme:

  • The presenter identifies the show as "the Business Edition", rather than "World News Today", which is used in all other versions.
  • Because it is the business edition, it does not feature World Business Report.
  • It is also shorter than the other versions (45 minutes, compared to 60 minutes for the other

versions). As it is shorter, it is followed by Sport Today.

  • It sometimes prioritises Business Headlines over the main news.

1900 PST(0300 GMT)/1900 PDT(0200 GMT)[5]

This edition started on 1 October 2007 and is also dedicated for the viewers in the United States but shown at 1900 PT (2200 ET). This edition airs on BBC World News, BBC News Channel, various PBS stations in America and sometimes on BBC One (as a part of its "Overnight Broadcast").

This edition moves for PDT and remains at 1900 PT all year round.

This edition is different from other editions of the programme:

  • It had 3 hosts initially: Philippa Thomas in the BBC studio in Washington DC, a presenter in Television Centre (whichever one is doing the 'overnight' BBC World News/BBC News Channel simulcasts) and Rico Hizon for World Business Report in Singapore.
  • Similar to overnight broadcasts & BBC World News at 0500 UKT, they also present UK news every 15 minutes.
  • Because it is also shown at Saturdays (in Asia-Pacific), World Business Report from Singapore is not possible and is replaced by Sport Today on BBC America and BBC World News, but for viewers in UK, a short business update and UK News is shown. Previously, a truncated re-run of Friday night's (in Europe) World Business Report is shown in this edition but this was phased out as that programme was replaced by the Business Edition.
  • Unlike the other editions of World News Today, which are produced by BBC World News, this is the only edition which had been produced by BBC News 24 in the past, since it was part of the overnight broadcasts. It is now produced by BBC World News, who have assumed control of the joint broadcasts.
  • As of 2009 this edition is no longer presented by Phillipa Thomas and is currently presented by one of the BBC's Overnight presenters from London and Rico Hizon from Singapore for the World Business Report.

Relief Presenters

Show times

BBC World News in United Kingdom BBC America
George Alagiah 2000 - 2100 (winter)
1900 - 2000 (summer)
1200 - 1300 (winter)
1100 - 1200 (summer)
0700 - 0800 0400 - 0500
Mishal Husain 2100 - 2200 1300 - 1400
Nik Gowing 0000 - 0100 (T-S) 1600 - 1700
Zeinab Badawi 0300 - 0400 (winter)
0200 - 0300 (summer)
1900 - 2000 (winter)
1800 - 1900 (summer)
1900 - 1930 (on BBC Four-extended to 1945 Thursdays)
Tanya Beckett: Business Edition 0600 - 0645 (winter)
0500 - 0545 (summer)
2200 - 2245 (winter)
2100 - 2145 (summer)
Overnight Simulcast Edition 1100 - 1200 (winter)
1000 - 1100 (summer)
0300 - 0400 (winter)
0200 - 0300 (summer)
0300 - 0400 (T-S)
(on BBC News channel and BBC One or BBC Two)
Similar Programmes
BBC World News America 0800 - 0900 (winter)
0700 - 0800 (summer)
0000 - 0100 (winter)
2300 - 0000 (summer)
0030 - 0100 (T-S, on BBC News channel) 1900 - 2000 1600 - 1700

* - All Times are for BBC World News, unless indicated.

See also

WNT broadcasting on other channels

  • This programme also broadcasts on Lider TV (Azerbaijan) which shortens the duration of Yeni Səhər on Thursdays and Fridays.


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  5. ^ Usually 0300 UKT (0200 UKT only when USA is still in summer time while UK is not in BST)

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