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World Tour of Scotland
Billy Connolly's WToS.jpg
DVD box-set cover
Format Documentary / Comedy
Created by Billy Connolly
Nobby Clark
Steve Brown
Starring Billy Connolly
Country of origin UK
No. of episodes 6
Running time 180 minutes
(30 min/episode)
Original channel BBC
Original run 1994 – 1994

World Tour of Scotland is a six-part television series — the first of Billy Connolly's (thus far) four "world tours" — originally broadcast by the BBC in the winter of 1994. It involved his touring around his homeland of Scotland for 54 nights during the spring of 1994, beginning in Greenock and visiting cities and towns and performing live on stage to audiences. However, this, like all his other tours, involved more than just shows: he visited numerous places of historic and scenic value, as well as some places that resonate with his own upbringing.

The series was dedicated "with much love and thanks to the people of Scotland". It has since been released on VHS and DVD. On the latter format, the six episodes are split across two discs.


Opening and closing titles

The opening titles features an aerial view of the Range Rover (driven by Connolly throughout the series)[1] making its way through various locations and weathers. The camera is mounted atop four metal legs, several feet in length.

The closing titles features an excerpt of Connolly's performing his live cover of Van Morrison's "Irish Heartbeat" over landscape views of the areas visited in the respective episodes.

Episode guide


Episode 1

The series began with Connolly aboard a Caledonian MacBrayne ferry sailing down the west coast.

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Connolly almost ventured into English territory at the end of the fifth episode when he cycled past the "Scotland" sign in Roxburgh. "I've come a bit far here, I believe," he says, after screeching his bike to a halt. "And me out without my passport. It is a Scottish tour, after all. One thing confuses me, however," he continued, as he prepared to retrace his route. "If this is the border with England, and this is the border with Scotland, what happens in [between]? Maybe it is owned by the Manx government, or something. I don't know. Perhaps you can build a house here and never pay tax again."

Episode 6


The music featured in the series is available on Connolly's 1995 album Musical Tour of Scotland.

Notes and references

  1. ^ Another Range Rover (number plate L863 ORV, as opposed to the one Connolly drove (L154 THP)), was used for pick-ups. The hair and eyebrows of the look-alike (from behind, at least) driver are more bushy than Connolly's, and he is wearing a big ring on his right hand and bracelet on his right wrist. Connolly, however, wears neither.

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