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Wright Aeronautical
Fate Merged
Predecessor Wright-Martin
Successor Curtiss-Wright
Founded 1919
Founder(s) Frederick B. Rentschler
Defunct 1929 (remained a division)
Parent Curtiss-Wright (after 1929)

Wright Aeronautical was an aircraft and aircraft engine manufacturer located in Dayton, Ohio.



This American company was first named the Wright Company. It merged with the Glenn L. Martin Company in 1916 to form Wright-Martin Aircraft Corporation but Glenn Martin resigned in 1917. The company was renamed Wright Aeronautical in 1919. Frederick B. Rentschler and several engineers left in 1924 to start Pratt & Whitney.

In May 1923, Lawrance Aero Engine Company was purchased by Wright Aeronautical, as the United States Navy was concerned that Lawrance couldn't produce enough engines for its needs.[1] Charles Lawrance was retained as a vice president. In 1925, after Wright's president, Frederick B. Rentschler, left the company to found Pratt & Whitney, Lawrance replaced him as company president.

Wright Aeronautical merged with Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company July 5 1929 to become the Curtiss-Wright Corporation.




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