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Wumpa's World was a television series for children which first aired on many networks including Treehouse TV, The Knowledge Channel and APTN with approximately 35 15-minute episodes from August 2001 to May 2002. The pilot episode aired in late 2000. Today, the show's episodes are only seen in re-runs late during the night and earlier during the day. The series featured its main character, Wumpa the walrus, who tells real-live stories which take place in a medium version of the Arctic Circle. At the end of each show, Wumpa sings his very own "goodbye song" by playing a bass guitar that looks like a didgeredoo. Most of the show's episodes ends with Wumpa's goodbye song's most famous line, which is called "Well, bye-bye, and don't forget, always keep your tusks shiny and your scruby clean".


Among the show’s other featured characters are two young snowmobiles named Zig and Zag. Zig's two outline colours are yellow and pink. Zag's colours are blue and orange. A bicycle bell is mounted on Zig's handle bars and a horn is mounted on Zag's. Following them are two snow hares named Seeka and Tuk. They live in a small hole in the bottom of the ground with a dark-looking cave inside. And finally, there is a polar bear named Tiguak, who lives in an igloo, has a bed and a toy bear he calls "Mr. Snoozers", and mostly eats fish for his lunch and dinner.

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