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Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Stable release 2.3.4 / August 28, 2009; 6 month(s) ago (2009-08-28)
Operating system Mac OS X
Type X11 Window Server/compatibility layer
License Apple Public Source License
MIT License

XQuartz (commonly referred to as is Apple Inc.'s version of the X server, a component of the X Window System, for Mac OS X. The current version of XQuartz is a DDX included in the X.Org Server and implements support for hardware-accelerated 2D graphics (in versions prior to 2.1), hardware OpenGL acceleration and integration with Aqua, the Mac OS X graphical user interface (GUI). X11 was initially available as a downloadable public beta for Mac OS X v10.2 and later included as a standard package in Mac OS X v10.3, which can be downloaded from Apple's website. In Mac OS X v10.4, X11 was an optional install included on the install DVD. Since Mac OS X v10.5, X11 is installed by default.

In Mac OS X v10.4, Apple's X11 implemented X11 protocol release 6.6 (X11R6.6). This implementation includes an XFree86 4.4 based X11 window server, Quartz rootless window manager, libraries, and basic utilities such as xterm.[1] "Rootless" means that X window applications show up on the Quartz desktop, appearing like any other windowed Quartz application (that is, not in a virtual desktop contained within another window). In Mac OS X v10.5, X11 was rewritten to use the more popular X.Org Server (X11R7.2) rather than XFree86.[2]

The source code for X11 is available from Apple. Some source code is available under the Apple Public Source License while the bulk is licensed under the MIT License.

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  • XDarwin- implementation of X for Mac OS X that preceded, and supports versions of Mac OS X before 10.3 unlike


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