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In computing, xclock is the standard gui clock for the X Window System[1]

It outputs in analog and digital formats.

xclock's time updates at a frequency as specified by the user.

xclock's time is taken from the system clock.


As with most X applications, xclock can be customized via the global X resources file.


-analog - Sets the analog display mode, which is the default mode. Draws a conventional 12-hour clock face with ticks for each minute and stroke marks on each hour.
-digital - Sets the 24-hour digital display mode. Displays the date and time in digital form.
-chime - Specifies the sounding of a chime once on the half hour and twice on the hour.
-help - Prints a brief summary of the allowed options.
-hands Color - Specifies the color of the hands in analog mode on color displays. The default is black.
-highlight Color - (lowercase HL) Specifies the highlight color of the edges of the hands of the analog clock. The default is black.
-padding Number - Specifies the width in pixels of the padding between the window border and the clock text or picture. The default is 8.
-update Seconds - Specifies the frequency in seconds that the xclock command updates its display. The default update frequency is 60 seconds.
-Xtoolkitoption - The xclock command accepts all of the standard X Toolkit command-line option flags in addition to the specific flags listed.
-brief - This option indicates that the digital clock should only display the hours and minutes fields.
-utime - This option indicates that a digital clock should display seconds since the Epoch (in format '970012340 seconds since Epoch' instead of a standard 24-hour time.
-twelve - This option indicates that a digital clock should display the time in twelve hour format.
-twentyfour - This option indicates that a digital clock should display the time in twenty-four hour format. default when a digital clock is used.
-render - This option tells xclock to use the Xrender extension to draw an anti-aliased face. Default if xclock has been compiled with Xrender support.
-norender - This option turns off the use of Xrender to draw the clock.
-sharp - This option tells xclock to use sharper edges when drawn using the Xrender extension.
-face pattern - This option specifies the font to use in digital mode when the Xrender extension is used.




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