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xda-developers[1] is a community of over 2,011,000 users worldwide. Their main purpose is to discuss Windows Mobile & Android phones. Controversial in nature, they are also one of the first places that Windows Mobile users come for information, ROM upgrades and technical support. Separate forums exist for each model of phone manufactured by HTC and are known by their internal HTC code name.

There are many "chefs". Chefs are individuals or groups that custom code their own ROM images.

xda-developers has a ranking in the top 1000 Ranked Web sites[2] in Cambodia (47), Pakistan (467), South Africa (617), Indonesia (706), Greece (842) and Malaysia (913). In India, Thailand and Italy the community is listed in the top 2000 rankings, while in the USA, the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Australia and China, it is in the top 3000 web sites.

In February 2007, Microsoft asked xda-developers to remove all ROMs created by OEM Manufacturers.[3] In response a petition was raised and signed by over 10,000 xda-developers members. The petition was, however, put aside when Microsoft did not pursue the removal of the customised images. Microsoft felt that using custom images based on the ROMs originally provided by Microsoft was acceptable as the ROMs work only on specific models and are not portable to devices for which the original ROM was not designed. Windows Mobile does not have a serial key antipiracy system, and all phones that are Windows Mobile-based work using the same OS, thus making piracy impossible.

CNET Asia,[4] suggested that xda-developers is a potential solution to problems with many Windows based mobile devices. In other mobile phone reviews, testers at CNET preferred using xda-developer's ROMs when carrying out detailed reviews.


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