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State of Xi
1122 BCE–Between 684 and 680 BCE
Capital Xī Xiàn (息县)
Language(s) Chinese language
Government Marquessate
 - Established 1122 BCE
 - Disestablished Between 684 and 680 BCE
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The State of Xi (simplified Chinese: traditional Chinese: pinyin: Xī Guó) was a Chinese vassal state during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties and the Spring and Autumn Period (1600 – 475 BCE) ruled by members of the Jī family (姬). Sometime between 680 and 684 BCE Xī was annexed by the State of Chu and ceased to exist as an independent state.


The founder of the State of Xi was Yŭdá, 37th son of King Wen of Zhou. In 1122 BCE, King Wu of Zhou bestowed the territory of Xi on Yŭdá (羽達/羽达) as a Marquessate[1].

In 712 BCE the State of Xi sent a punitive expedition against the State of Zhèng. At that time, Duke Zhuāng of Zhèng had for many years repeatedly attacked large States such as Sòng and Wei amongst others and Zhèng was at the height of its military power[2]. In assessing the timing of the State of Xi’s campaign which at face value involves criticism of Zhèng’s overestimation of its strength, some scholars believe that at the time its military was quite powerful and a match for Sòng[3]


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