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Xpress Train
(Chikan Densha)
Genre Erotica
Original video animation
Director Daifuku Suginami
Studio Y.O.U.C.
Licensor Central Park Media
Released February 14, 2003
Runtime 28 minutes
Episodes 2
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Xpress Train (痴漢電車 Chikan Densha ?, lit. Groping Train) is a hentai anime OVA series, consisting of two episodes. The series is animated by Y.O.U.C. and produced by the Japanese company Digital Works. Xpress Train has been dubbed into English and licensed by Central Park Media and distributed by their division, Anime 18.


The story of Xpress Train much resembles that of Perverted Thomas, but the plot twists make a turn in this one. The main cast in the story is Kazou Sugimoto, a young man who travels in and out of one train station to the next. One day, he was caught in-between passengers in a crowded train, when suddenly he witnesses an old man harassing and molesting a woman close by. He did nothing however, and decided to leave the matter. When he exits the train, the woman earlier caught up to him and accused him of the old man's actions, which he quickly denied. His earlier encounter with the matter left him with an erection, hence the woman was able to evidently place him responsible. He was later brought into a police department and was forced to admit the woman's accusations. If he were to deny them, he would be placed under detention for longer hours. To avoid this, he eventually admits to the crime he didn't commit, and was later fired from his job.

The following day, Kazou encountered the old man that was guilty at a train station and told him to give himself up to the police. The old man ignored him, simply telling him that he has to catch him in the act to make him surrender. He also said that since Kazou didn't try to do anything, that makes him his accomplice. Kazou and the old man later board the train together, and the old man once again started harassing a female passenger. This time however, he started to have sex with her, and told Kazou to start doing it himself. Unable to resist, Kazou starts to touch a close by schoolgirl and later molests her inside the train. All of a sudden, a group of men we see as passengers at first, caught him in the act. It is later revealed that these men are all apprentices of the old man. They are a group that shares a similar interest and vows to learn the "art of groping" under the old man's supervision. Many of them have different fetishes and interests in sexual activities, but they claim to work as a team. In no time at all, Kazou kindly asked the old man to tutor him, and thus he became his apprentice number 500.

In the later parts of the show, Kazou finally encounters the woman with red hair that he has been eying on from the start. The show reveals the woman's tragic past and what made her to become a similar case like Kazou. In the second episode, the show mainly focuses on the woman with the red hair and her part of the story and Kazou's fear of continuing with the act. Eventually, he finally realizes his potential and regain his "true self" once more.

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