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Xtro video cover
Directed by Harry Bromley Davenport
Produced by Mark Forstater
Written by Harry Bromley Davenport
Starring Susie Silvey
Music by Harry Bromley Davenport
Cinematography John Metcalfe
Editing by Nicolas Gaster
Distributed by New Line Cinema (USA)
Release date(s) United States January 1983
Running time 81 min.
Country UK
Language English
Followed by Xtro II: The Second Encounter

Xtro is a low-budget British science fiction horror film made in 1982 and directed by Harry Bromley Davenport and co-produced by Bob Shaye. Its plot details the unexpected return to Earth of a devoted family man who was abducted by aliens three years ago, and now possesses unearthly powers.

Xtro was briefly vilified as a video nasty, especially due to a particularly graphic scene early in film whereby a women gives birth to a fully grown man. However, it was granted an uncut video certificate by the BBFC shortly after its successful cinema run.


Plot summary

Tony's father Sam, abducted by aliens three years earlier, returns to earth and seeks out his wife and son, but Rachel has since been living with Joe and the reunion is awkward. Joe does not trust Sam, and Rachel cannot quite decide what her feelings are for her two men. Sam is not the same as when he left, and he begins affecting Tony in frightening ways.

Two sequels to this movie were made:

  • Xtro II: The Second Encounter
  • Xtro 3: Watch the Skies

DVD Release

The film was released on DVD twice. The first DVD of the film was released in 2005 as a double feature with Xtro II: The Second Encounter. The second DVD was released in 2006 as a standalone release.


  • Maryam d'Abo - Analise Mercier
  • Philip Sayer - Sam Phillips
  • Bernice Stegers - Rachel Phillips
  • Simon Nash - Tony Phillips
  • Peter Mandell - Clown
  • David Cardy - Michael
  • Anna Wing - Mrs. Goodman
  • Susie Silvey - Woman In Cottage
  • Katherine Best - Jane

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