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Yafran, Yefren, Ifrane
Yifrin is located in Libya
Location in Libya
Coordinates: 32°03′46″N 12°31′36″E / 32.06278°N 12.52667°E / 32.06278; 12.52667
Country Flag of Libya.svg Libya
District Al Jabal al Gharbi since 2007,
Yafran 1998-2007
Elevation 2,293 ft (699 m)
Time zone UTC + 2

Yifrin, Yefren, Yafran or Ifrane (Arabic: يفرن‎) is a city in northwestern Libya, in Al Jabal al Gharbi District. Before 2007, Yifrin was the administrative seat of the Yafran District.[1]


  1. ^ "شعبية يفرن" ("Yafran District") Website of the General People's Committee of Libya, from Internet Archive dated 18 April 2006, in Arabic

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Coordinates: 32°03′46″N 12°31′36″E / 32.0629°N 12.5267°E / 32.0629; 12.5267

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