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Yamuna Nagar
Yamuna Nagar
Location of Yamuna Nagar
in Haryana and India
Coordinates 30°06′N 77°17′E / 30.1°N 77.28°E / 30.1; 77.28
Country  India
State Haryana
District(s) Yamunanagar
Population 532000 (2001)
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

255 m (837 ft)

Yamunanagar (Hindi: यमुनानगर, Punjabi: ਯਮੁਨਾਨਗਰ) is a city and a municipal council in Yamunanagar District in the Indian state of Haryana. This town is known for the cluster of plywood units. The older town is called Jagadhri. The railway station servicing the town is called Jagadhri railway station.

Yamuna Nagar has a unique blend of basic modern amenities like shopping malls, ATMs network, Health Care, Education but still it has a very sweet charm of old city, relaxed life and smiling people, who love good food and small talks. It is a green, clean and prosperous industrial town.



Yamunanagar is located at 30°06′N 77°17′E / 30.1°N 77.28°E / 30.1; 77.28[1]. It has an average elevation of 255 metres (836 feet). It has the river Yamuna running through the district, and forming the eastern boundary with the neighbouring Saharanpur district. This boundary is also a state boundary, as Saharanpur is in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Towards its northern edge is a sub-mountainous region, which has more forest cover and lots of streams; it is the area where the river Yamuna flows out of the hills and into the plains. The northern boundary is also an interstate boundary with the state of Himachal Pradesh to the north. Sirmour in Himachal is the district to its north with the towns of Nahan and Paonta Sahib close to the boundary with Yamunanagar.

To its west and northwest is Ambala district, and to its west and southwest is Kurukshetra district. To its south is Karnal district.


As of 2001 India census[2], Yamunanagar had a population of 189,587. Males constitute 54% of the population and females 46%. Yamunanagar has an average literacy rate of 74%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 77%, and female literacy is 70%. In Yamunanagar, 12% of the population is under 6 years of age.


Yamunanagar was earlier known as 'Abdullahpur'. Pre-independence, it was a small village with population concentrated around Jagadhri Railway Station. After partition of India, many migrants from Punjab in Pakistan chose to make Yamunanagar/Jagadhri their new home, and in the process. adding to the culture of the town. The area where land was allocated to the migrants, later developed into the Model Town area of Yamunanagar, the centre of the city.


Yamunanagar has been a front runner in health and medical services the state of Haryana.


City Medical Complex

CMC, Puran Vihar, was established some 2 decades back .

  • Kohli Hospital
  • Bansal Eye Hospital
  • Garg ENT Hospital
  • Sachdeva Maternity Hospital
  • Jain Mental Hospital
  • Bogra Dental hospital
  • vishal hospital

Other hospitals

  • Sihint Ent Hospital(Dr.G.S Sihint)

* Rameshwar das memorial hospital

  • Goel Hospital
  • Mahindra Hospital
  • Aggarwal Hospital
  • Mukund Lal civil Hospital
  • Gaba Hospital (Dr.B.S.Gaba)
  • Waryam Singh Hospital
  • Rana Hospital
  • Kapil hospital ( The only ISO 9001-2008 Certified Hospital in the city.)
  • Santosh Hospital (Dr. Lokesh Garg)
  • Christian Hospital
  • Dua Hospital
  • Civil Hospital
  • Raj Hospital
  • Radex Hospital
  • City Hospital(Rathee Hospital)
  • Deswal Hospital
  • Rajan Hospital
  • krishna medicose vishal hospital .

Yamunanagar is developing as a good education destination in Haryana. The eminent Schools of the Distt. are :

  • S.D. Public School, Jagadhri
  • S.D. Model School, Jagadhri
  • Gauranwati Sen Sec. School
  • S.D. Sr. Sec. School, Jagadhri
  • St. Thomas School, Jagadhri
  • D.P.S., Vill. Bhambholi, Jagadhari
  • Sant Nischal Singh Public School
  • National Public School
  • Springfields Public School
  • M.L.N. Public School
  • Sacred Heart Convent School
  • National Sr. Sec. School
  • Mukand Lal Sr. Sec School
  • New Happy Public School
  • Maharishi Vidya Mandir
  • Nav Prabhat Senior Secondary School
  • Vishva Bharti Public School
  • Saraswati Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School
  • G.B.S PUBLIC SCHOOL,Mustafabad
  • D.A.V Senior Sec School
  • Om Vidya Mandir Senior Sec School (Shaadi Pur)
  • Chaitanya Vidya Mandir,Shiv Colony Camp,Yamunanagar,Haryana
  • Minarva Public School
  • Swami Vivekanand Public School


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Engineering colleges

  • Global Research Institute of Management and Technology, Radaur
  • Haryana engineering college,jagadhri
  • Seth Jaiprakash Mukand lal Institute of Engineering & Technology, Radaur

Medical colleges

  • J.N. Kapoor DAV Centenary Dental College


  • Saraswati Sugar Mill (Asia's Largest Sugar Mill)
  • Ballarpur Paper Mill
  • Wine Mill
  • Railway Workshop,Jagadhri Workshop
  • Steel Utensil,Jagadhri
  • Instrumentation units
  • OEM's foe auto parts
  • Plywood Factories(approximately 150 in number)
  • Asia Largest Wooden Market
  • Match Industries
  • Techno Cutters (Manufacturer of Drills, Reamers and HSS Cutters)
  • Medicine Industries
  • ISGEC (manufacturing Hydraulic and Mechanical Presses and Boilers)
  • Special Steel (world class instrumentation for oil&gas refineries )
  • Crashers(Make Concrete)
  • Plastic Industries


Due to the presence of plenty of water and good fertile soil main crops are sugarcane, rice, wheat and garlic, etc. One of the main source of the income of farmers of Yamunanagar is agri-forestry, in which farmers grow Poplar and Eucalyptus besides conventional farming.


A Haryana Tourism guest house on the banks of the river Yamuna as it comes out of the hills. a nice spot for picnics.

Tajewala headworks

Where the Yamuna distributes its waters to the canals that irrigate the feilds and crops as well as provide drinking water to the residentsof Delhi . Its the place where the water is reserved and is supplied through canal and the main river. It is said that when then the water is released from the tajewala it reachs delhi in about 48 hours and its only the 60 to 70 percent of water which reaches delhi


A Old Rich town now just becoming a developed village day by day and situated 8 km away from Jagadhri. It is said that Humayun (Moghul Emperor) came here for hunting in Shivalik forests made up a 'Rang-Mahal'. Many people guess the relation of 'Rang-Mahal' of Buria to Birbal, one of the Navrattana of Akbar. In nearby Dayalgarh, there is a very beautiful place of worship - the renovated old temple of Shree Paataaleshvar Mahadev with a beautiful garden and some ashrams of saints made during medieval times. This temple has been renovated and it is one of the worth seeing worship place. Thousands of devotees come here daily. There is also a sikh Gurudwara. It is said that once Guru maharaj ji visited here and this Gurudwara is very famous. On every sunday there is a guru langar and thousands of devotees take the parsada. It is one of the short cut to dadupur one can move on the road and enjoy the real haryana green fields.

Bilaspur and Kapalmochan

Bilaspur town, named after the writer of the Mahabharata - Maharishi 'Ved Vyas', is a historical place. It is supposed that there was an Ashram of Ved Vyas on the bank of a pond situated here. The statue of Uma Mahadev made in 9th-10th century, and statue of Ganesha made in 11th-12th century and remains of Gupta period prove the antecedence of Kapalmochan. People came from all parts of the country feel spiritual elevated by taking bath here in ponds (kunds) known as Rinmochan, Kapalmochan and Surya kund. There is also a Hindu temple and Gurudawara of Dasham Patshahi. Near future it is gona be a top most educational area in the distt. because recently 8 colleges opens in the area. The kapalmochan mela comes after 16 day from diwali and almost 10 lakhs people come and take bath on Guru purav. It is being said that Shri Ram and Lakshman washed their weapons at this pond.

Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir

The temple is situated on the road coming from Bilaspur to Chhachhrauli, 4 km away from Bilaspur and it attracts large numbers of people.


The main tehsil situated in north east and 11 km from Jagadhri. In the past it was the capital of Kalsia state. Created by Raja Gurbaksh Singh in 1763. Today 'Ravi Mahal', Ghantaghar, Janak Niwas and the fort have their own dignity. There is also a Sainik Parivar Bhawan & Bal-kunj social welfare institution at Chhachrauli.

Ban Santur

This village is situated north east from Chhachhrauli near Kalesar - it is supposed to be connected with King 'Shantanu' of Mahabharata.


It lies 40 km north of Yamunanagar town. It is approached by road via Bilaspur and is about 2 km from the nearest village Kathgarh. Located in the foothills of the Shivaliks, it is a picturesque location, abundant with natural beauty and tranquility, with the Adi-Badri Narayana, Shri Kedar Nath and Mantra Devi Temples in the background. Three mounds of antiquities have recently been excavated by the Archaeological Survey of India.


It is situated 3 km away from Jagadhri. There is a grand Tomb of 8 meters in height made of bricks, in the area of about 100 sq meters near the village. Made in round shape this is an old Buddhist Stupa. According to Hieun Tsang, this was built by the great King Ashoka.

Harnol and Topra

A religious place named 'Panjtirthi' is situated 15 km away from Yamunanagar on the road coming from Topra Kalan to Harnol. There are Shiv Temples and a Gurudwara which indicate the cordial relations of Sikhs and Hindus. People come here for sacred bath. There are statues of Lord Ram, Sita and the five Pandavas.


An old historical place. It was said that people coming from Haridwar and all the religious places of Himachal Pradesh used to take rest here. It was known as the 'Sadhu-raha' in the past. Later it became Sadhaura. it also has importance from sikh history point of view (banda singh bahadur shahib ji who fought with muslims for humanity cause in sadhaura and in nearby village kapoori kalan )

Kalesar forest reserve

A forest reserve that houses wildlife and rare trees.

Paonta Sahib

A city founded by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Poanta sahib is situated on the Yamuna River in Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh and is a bustling township with growing industries. The word 'Paonta' means 'space for a foot hold'. When only 16 years old, the Guru left Anandpur Sahib and on the invitation of Raja Maidini Prakash of Sirmour, lived at this beautiful spot for over four years and the historic gurudwara commemorates his stay.

Gurudwara Paonta Sahib
This site is believed to have been the holy Guru Gobind Singh's abode for over 4 years, where he penned the `Dasam Granth'. The Gurudwara houses the Shri Talab Asthan where he disbursed salaries and the Shri Dastar Asthan where he judged the turban - tying competitions. The Kavi Durbar was the venue of the poetic symposia. A memorial dedicated to Kalpi Rishi, and a museum showcasing the pens of the Guru and the weapons of those times, are also located within the precincts of the Gurudwara.

More on Yamunanagar

Various organisations like Lions club (Distt 321 A2), Yamuna Club, Rotary Club are being run by Yamunanagar for social causes.

The city is one of the better developed cities of Haryana and has good educational and medical facilities. It has the highest literacy rate in Haryana.

Western Yamuna canal of the river Yamuna flows on one side of the city. This canal servers the irrigation needs of the farmers. The canal has century old path ways, called pattri locally, on both sides which serve has connecting routes between villages even today and also help the irrigation department to maintain the canal, however these pathways provide a preferct scenic walk with water on one side and green lush farms on other hand. One can take a dip or even get a tractor ride after the walk. There are some very peaceful patches where one can relax, cook a fish and have a nice picnic.

The river itself marks the boundary of the district with the state of Uttar Pradesh which borders the city on the eastern side of river Yamuna. The neighbouring city being Saharanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

In the north, the district borders the state of Himachal Pradesh, Sirmaur being the district and the towns of Nahan and Paonta Sahib being the towns nearby.

Tajewala headworks from where the Yamuna canal is diverted is also north of the city.

Jagadhri is an adjoining town famous for its stainless steel industry. Yamunananar is also famous of its industries such as Ballarpur industries paper mill, sarswati sugar mills, Indian general and sugar engineering works, Kamal Engineering Corporation, Poly plastics etc. Most of the bigger units in the town are ISO certified. This city produces sugar machinery, paper machinery along with highly efficient equipments for petro-chemical plants, which are shipped to various refineries across the country. The city is also known for its Plywood productions, due to the easy accessibility of primary raw material - poplar logs. It has also one of India's largest railway carriage and wagon repair workshops. Recently Reliance has also installed a thermal power house in the town. HUDA (Haryana Urban Development Authority) has done major development work in the land-stretch linking the twin towns.


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