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Yaqut ibn-'Abdullah al-Rumi al-Hamawi) (1179-1229) (Arabic: ياقوت الحموي الرومي‎) was a Syrian biographer and geographer. "al-Rumi" ("from Rûm") refers to his Greek (Byzantine) descent, "al-Hamawi" means that he is from Hama, Syria, and ibn-Abdullah means his father's name was Abdullah. The word yaqut means ruby. He was known for his encyclopedia writings of the Muslim world.

Yaqut was sold as a slave to someone who later moved to Baghdad. Upon recognizing his abilities, Yaqut's purchaser provided him with a good education. He was later freed and traveled a great deal. Yaqut also earned a living copying and selling manuscripts.


  • Kitab mu'jam al-buldan
  • Mu'jam al-udaba' , (معجم الادباء "Dictionary of Writers") written in 1226.
  • al-Mushtarak wadh'a wa al-Muftaraq Sa'qa ( المشترک وضعا و المفترق صعقا ), a version of which was printed in 1845 by Wüstenfeld.

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